Life on Mars

March 2, 2001

A recently released study shows new evidence that Mars may have supported life at one time. Two scientists talk about recent findings in astrobiology, a discipline that brings together astronomy, biology, geology, genomics, ecology...

Lori Andrews: "Body Bazaar" (Crown)

March 1, 2001

In her new book, biotechnology expert Lori Andrews reveals how human tissues are being used, traded, and even stolen. As she explains, not only doctors and researchers, but also artists are using everything from bones and skin to DNA in...

Michael Dertouzos: "The Unfinished Revolution" (Harper Collins)

February 15, 2001

What will the computer of the future look like? Michael Dertouzos, director of MIT's Lab for Computer Science, thinks it ought to be a lot more "human-centric" than the machines we have to deal with now. He talks about the problems...

Robin Henig: "The Monk in the Garden" (Houghton Mifflin) (Rebroadcast)

December 28, 2000

With stories of genetic mapping, cloning, and other scientific breakthroughs all over the news, science journalist Robin Henig takes a look back at the life of Gregor Mendel, the 19th century Moravian monk regard by many as the father of...

New Pandas

December 6, 2000

In 1972, China gave the U.S. a gift of two giant pandas. Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling were star attractions at the National Zoo for years, but first Ling-Ling and then Hsing-Hsing passed away. Now, under a new arrangement with China, the...

Dinesh D'Souza: "The Virtue of Prosperity" (Free Press)

December 4, 2000

A whole generation of young men and women have made fortunes in the technology industry - and along with this new class of cybermillionaires come questions about eithics, wealth, and the future of our economy. Dinesh D'Souza of the...


October 16, 2000

Webcams and streaming video technology are now increasingly being used for personal communications, mainstream business, and "clean" entertainment. A panel talks about the rise of web cams and video streaming: who's using them and...

Satellite Radio

September 18, 2000

Satellite radio technology is being compared to an audio version of cable TV. New companies are launching satellites and putting together 24-hour programming that will air coast-to-coast. A panel talks about what to expect as your...

Internet Search Engines

July 27, 2000

A panel of experts describes how search engines sort through millions of web pages, what they can and cannot retrieve, and how emerging technologies may transform the search process.

Shana Alexander: "The Astonishing Elephant" (Random House)

June 14, 2000

Writer Shana Alexander has been fascinated by elephants since 1962, ever since she covered the first birth of an elephant in an American zoo for Life Magazine. In her new book, she shares what she's learned about these animals over the...

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