John Cassidy: "dot.con" (Harper Collins)

February 20, 2002

The New Yorker's financial writer John Cassidy chronicles the boom-and-bust cycle of Internet companies in his new book.

Daniel Charles: "Lords of the Harvest" (Perseus)

October 17, 2001

Reporter Daniel Charles tells the story of the advent of genetically engineered foods in his new book.


September 6, 2001

This week, Mexican president Vicente Fox is in Washington for meetings and a White House state dinner. Diane and her guests talk about trade, immigration and other top issues in US-Mexican relations, and how they're being discussed in the...

Laws of Physics

August 27, 2001

A panel talks about recent scientific findings that challenge basic, long-standing assumptions about how matter behaves, and that have the potential to reshape our ideas about how the universe was born.

James Fallows: "Free Flight" (PublicAffairs)

July 13, 2001

As many of us will be reminded during our summer vacations, airplane travel can be truly frightful. In his new book, journalist and amateur pilot James Fallows talks about the future of air travel -- and what we may have to look forward to...


July 3, 2001

Broadband technology is the next step in the advance of the information age, promising high-speed Internet access and other new communications and entertainment technology. A panel talks about the different sectors of American business...

Sue Halpern: "Four Wings and a Prayer" (Pantheon)

June 21, 2001

Every year, millions of monarch butterflies migrate from Canada and the northeastern United States to one 50-acre plot in Mexico. Scientists still don't fully understand how and why the butterflies return to the same spot year after year...

DNA Dragnet

June 4, 2001

In several cases across the country, criminal investigators have solicited voluntary DNA samples from large numbers of people in an attempt to get a match to DNA collected from a crime scene. The process has had limited success, but civil...

Tech Sector Update

April 5, 2001

Concerns over first quarter profits caused another sharp drop in technology stock prices this week. Diane talks with a panel about the tech sector's prospects in the months ahead.

Life on Mars

March 2, 2001

A recently released study shows new evidence that Mars may have supported life at one time. Two scientists talk about recent findings in astrobiology, a discipline that brings together astronomy, biology, geology, genomics, ecology...

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