Barbara Goldsmith: "Obsessive Genius" (WW Norton)

December 3, 2004

The best-selling author and historian examines the myth and reality behind the mother of modern science. Barbara Goldsmith offers a new look at Marie Curie's life within and beyond the laboratory, as she battled social and personal demons...

John Derbyshire: "Prime Obsession" (Joseph Henry Press)

July 30, 2003

Mathematician and linguist John Derbyshire tells the story of Bernhard Riemann, whose 19th-century theory on prime numbers is one of the most famous unsolved mathematical hypotheses of all time.

Edward Tenner: "Our Own Devices" (Knopf)

June 17, 2003

Over the centuries, we have developed many products to enhance or protect ourselves head to toe, including helmets, baby bottles, keyboards, glasses, shoes and chairs. Author and philosopher of everyday technology Edward Tenner talks about...

James Gleick: "Isaac Newton" (Pantheon)

June 13, 2003

In a new biography, science writer James Gleick traces the emergence of Isaac Newton's vision, examines his revolutionary insights into gravity, the solar system, colors, and light, and shows how Newton's ideas altered our understanding of...

NIH Human Genome Project

April 16, 2003

This week, the National Institutes of Health announces the completion of its 15-year effort to map and sequence the human genome. We'll talk about what this achievement means for the future of medicine and science.

Howard Rheingold: Smart Mobs (Perseus)

October 24, 2002

Howard Rheingold, an expert in the social implications of technology, talks about the ways cell phones and other mobile communications devices are changing commerce, family life, politics, dating, and much more.

Stephen Wolfram: "A New Kind of Science" (Wolfram Media)

September 16, 2002

Stephen Wolfram's book, 20 years in the making, explains how simple computer experiments carried out decades ago led him to reevaluate nothing less than our universe and how it operates.

Steve Olson: "Mapping Human History" (Houghton Mifflin)

July 19, 2002

Along with ushering in many scientific and medical breakthroughs, a new understanding of our genetic code has revealed a great deal about the past of the human race. Science writer Steve Olson talks about where genetics meets genealogy.

John Cassidy: "dot.con" (Harper Collins)

February 20, 2002

The New Yorker's financial writer John Cassidy chronicles the boom-and-bust cycle of Internet companies in his new book.

Daniel Charles: "Lords of the Harvest" (Perseus)

October 17, 2001

Reporter Daniel Charles tells the story of the advent of genetically engineered foods in his new book.

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