Readers' Review: Graham Greene's "The Heart of the Matter."

April 21, 2000

The April Readers' Review panel discusses Graham's novel, which is set in West Africa during World War II and tells the story of a man struggling with the moral dilemmas of his adulterous affair.

Edna O'Brien: "Wild Decembers" (Houghton Mifflin)

April 20, 2000

Edna O'Brien discusses her new novel, which is set in her native Ireland. It's the story of "warring sons of warring sons" -- a tale of two men and their feud over both a piece of land and a woman's loyalty.

Joyce Carol Oates: "Blonde" (Harper Collins)

April 18, 2000

Novelist Joyce Carol Oates presents her interpretation of how young Norma Jeane Baker became Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.

Teen Sexuality

April 10, 2000

Recent news articles suggest that some teenagers are starting to experiment with sexual activity at younger and younger ages. A panel talks about the latest information on teen sexuality, and discusses how parents and educators can address...

Mary Catherine Bateson: "Full Circles, Overlapping Lives" (Random House)

March 31, 2000

Anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson explores how the transient lifestyles and longer lifespans of the 21st century are transforming relationships between the generations. In her new book she shows how the home has become the place where...

Lee Cullum: "Genius Came Early" (Windsor House)

March 30, 2000

Dallas Morning News columnist Lee Cullum joins Diane for a discussion of genius, and its rise and fall over the past century. Her new book describes people who've been outstanding in fields ranging from art to science to music to politics...

Preventing Child Abuse

March 29, 2000

A panel talks about the latest findings on the incidence of child abuse and the effectiveness of the measures taken in the last several decades to combat it.

Heroism in America

March 27, 2000

America's story is full of heroes, from explorers to revolutionaries, from cowboys to astronauts. A panel talks about the idea of heroism versus the reality of heroes, and whether or not idealism survives today in the modern world.

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher: "African Ceremonies" (Abrams)

March 24, 2000

Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher teamed up for a 10-year project to document Africa's rapidly-disappearing traditional rituals and customs. They join Diane to talk about the result, a two-volume work highlighting the stunning...

Da Chen: "Colors of the Mountain" (Random House)

March 23, 2000

Da Chen grew up in a rural Chinese village, amid the hardships of the Cultural Revolution. He joins Diane to tell the story of the poverty and political turmoil of his childhood, and to describe the unusual turns his life has taken since...

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