Jeff Goodell: "Sunnyvale" (Villard)

July 19, 2000

For most people, Silicon Valley is a place where computers are made along with giant fortunes. But for journalist Jeff Goodell, Silicon Valley is home. In his new memoir, he tells the story of growing up in Northern California, and of how...

Racial Harassment in the Workplace

July 19, 2000

Non-white workers across the country have been reporting the appearance or placement of nooses, a hostile, racially charged symbol, in their workplaces. A panel talks about what's behind these incidents and how law enforcement and the...

Richard Stengel: "You're Too Kind" (Simon and Schuster)

July 18, 2000

In his new book, journalist Richard Stengel outlines the history of flattery, from chimpanzee grooming techniques through the civilizations of Egypt, ancient Greece and the Renaissance, up to the present-day cultures of Washington, D.C...

Human Trafficking and Smuggling

July 18, 2000

Anti-crime experts report that human trafficking and smuggling have become big business for organized crime networks. Some believe that as many as 200 million people worldwide may be involved. A panel discusses what is known about trends...

Daniel Asa Rose: "Hiding Places" (Simon and Schuster)

July 17, 2000

Daniel Asa Rose describes a trip to Europe he took with his two young sons, tracing the history of their relatives and their fate during the Holocaust. In his new book, he tells how the experience helped him build a new relationship with...

Porter Shreve: "The Obituary Writer" (Mariner)

July 10, 2000

First time novelist Porter Shreve recounts how a young journalist's curiosity leads to an obsessive search for the truth. Shreve teaches at the University of Michigan and is co-editor of three anthologies, including "Tales Out of...

Laura Sessions Stepp: "Our Last Best Shot" (Riverhead)

July 5, 2000

Reporter Laura Sessions Stepp discusses her book. It's about today's middle-school-aged kids, and what parents need to know about the critical years of early adolescence.

Alain de Botton: "The Consolations of Philosophy" (Pantheon) (Rebroadcast)

July 3, 2000

Those of us struggling with broken hearts, money woes, or any of the other hardships of everyday life might not think to consult history's greatest philosophers for help. But according to author Alain de Botton, the advice of Socrates...

Karin Evans: "The Lost Daughters of China" (Tarcher-Putnam)

June 29, 2000

Journalist Karin Evans talks about how her own experience adopting a Chinese-born baby girl led her to explore the cultural and political reasons that thousands of Chinese girls are adopted every year by American families.

Open Phones

June 29, 2000

Diane spends an hour in open-ended conversation with listeners.

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