Caroline Silby: "Games Girls Play" (St. Martin's Press)

August 21, 2000

Sports psychologist Caroline Silby knows the particular challenges and rewards of working with young female athletes. In her new book, she talks about encouraging girls to get involved in sports, and ensuring that their experiences are...

Mariah Burton Nelson: "The Unburdened Heart" (Harper San Francisco)

August 15, 2000

Athlete and sportswriter Mariah Burton Nelson talks about how she put an abusive relationship with a former coach behind her. In her new book, she explores the process and the benefits of learning to forgive.

Tom Kuntz and Phil Kuntz: "The Sinatra Files" (Three Rivers)

August 11, 2000

Brothers and journalists Tom and Phil Kuntz discuss their book, a collection of items from the FBI's thick dossier on Frank Sinatra. They'll sort out the facts from the legends about the entertainer's colorful life and career - and explain...

The Study of American Slave Genealogy

August 9, 2000

New Orleans native Gwendolyn Midlo Hall describes the work she's done on the history and identity of slaves in Louisiana. After 15 years of painstaking archival research, her database of information on more than 8,000 slaves is now the...

E. Ethelbert Miller: "Fathering Words: The Making of an African American Writer" (St. Martins)

August 8, 2000

E. Ethelbert Miller discusses his new memoir. In telling his family's story, and remembering the deaths of his father and brother, he uses not only his own voice but also his sister's. He joins Diane to talk about how all these family ties...

Michael Paterniti: "Driving Mr. Albert" (Dial)

August 1, 2000

Michael Paterniti tells the story of an unlikely cross-country road trip he embarked on a few years ago. The vehicle was a rented Skylark, his passenger was an 84-year-old pathologist, their cargo was the preserved brain of Albert...

Thomas Lynch: "Bodies in Motion and at Rest" (W.W. Norton)

July 31, 2000

Thomas Lynch is both a poet and an undertaker, and he demonstrates his expertise in these two very different fields in his new collection of essays. He'll share his observations on grief, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and many more life...

Naomi Baron: "Alphabet to E-Mail" (Routledge)

July 28, 2000

Purists may grumble that e-mail is killing the art of writing, but as linguistics professor Naomi Baron points out, every technological advance throughout history has changed written communication. In her new book, she shows how...

Lauren Slater: "Lying" (Random House)

July 24, 2000

Psychologist Lauren Slater has written three memoirs. The first focused on her history of schizophrenia, the second on her experiences with depression. In the third, she writes about her episodes of epilepsy -- and her habit of telling...

ADA Anniversary

July 24, 2000

Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act 10 years ago this Wednesday. A panel talks about what has changed for the disabled in workplaces, schools, courts, and in American society in the past decade, and how activists are...

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