Jane Hamilton: "Disobedience" (Doubleday)

November 14, 2000

Novelist Jane Hamilton's latest book tells a familiar family story with a modern twist: a teenage boy finds out that his mother is having an affair by reading her e-mail.

Nicholas Gage: "Greek Fire" (Knopf)

November 9, 2000

Opera legend Maria Callas and powerful tycoon Aristotle Onassis had one of the most tumultuous and high-profile romances of the 20th century. In a new book, journalist Nicholas Gage chronicles their relationship.

Frank Rich: "Ghost Light" (Random House)

November 7, 2000

New York Times columnist and former drama critic Frank Rich grew up in Washington in the 1950's and '60's -- a time when the nation's capital still felt like a small town, and when few families had to face the effects of divorce. In his...

Larry King: "Anything Goes!" (Warner Books)

November 6, 2000

Larry King has welcomed just about everyone who is anyone onto his CNN talk show. He joins Diane to share some of his most memorable experiences with politicians and other newsmakers -- including his encounters with the two men who are...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

October 31, 2000

A growing number of public health educators and experts are concerned about the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers at younger and younger ages. Diane and her guests talk about research being done to learn more about...

Abandoned Babies

October 26, 2000

Several states have passed "baby Moses" laws, creating safe havens for newborn babies whose mothers desperately want to give them up, and who might otherwise resort to abandoning them. But adoption activists say this anonymous...

Jacquelyn Olds and Richard Schwartz: "Marriage in Motion" (Perseus)

October 23, 2000

Psychiatrists Jacquelyn Olds and Richard Schwartz have been married to each other for more than twenty years. As they've observed in their own life together as well as in their clinical experience, a long-term relationship goes through...

Lillian Rubin: "Tangled Lives" (Beacon)

October 19, 2000

Sociologist and psychologist Lillian Rubin reflects on the mother-daughter relationship and how it changes as a woman enters her later years. In her new book she describes these experiences in her own life -- her difficult relationship...

Stephen Bloom: "Postville" (Harcourt)

October 16, 2000

Journalist Stephen Bloom discusses a modern-day culture clash: what happened in tiny Postville, Iowa when a group of Hasidic Jews opened a kosher slaughterhouse in 1987. He tells the story of how relations between the townspeople and the...

Cathy Crimmins: "Where Is the Mango Princess?" (Knopf)

October 12, 2000

Author Cathy Crimmins talks about how she and her family have been affected since her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury four years ago. In her new book she talks about their struggles with the health care system, with...

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