Jacquelyn Olds and Richard Schwartz: "Marriage in Motion" (Perseus)

October 23, 2000

Psychiatrists Jacquelyn Olds and Richard Schwartz have been married to each other for more than twenty years. As they've observed in their own life together as well as in their clinical experience, a long-term relationship goes through...

Lillian Rubin: "Tangled Lives" (Beacon)

October 19, 2000

Sociologist and psychologist Lillian Rubin reflects on the mother-daughter relationship and how it changes as a woman enters her later years. In her new book she describes these experiences in her own life -- her difficult relationship...

Stephen Bloom: "Postville" (Harcourt)

October 16, 2000

Journalist Stephen Bloom discusses a modern-day culture clash: what happened in tiny Postville, Iowa when a group of Hasidic Jews opened a kosher slaughterhouse in 1987. He tells the story of how relations between the townspeople and the...

Cathy Crimmins: "Where Is the Mango Princess?" (Knopf)

October 12, 2000

Author Cathy Crimmins talks about how she and her family have been affected since her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury four years ago. In her new book she talks about their struggles with the health care system, with...

Brazelton and Greenspan: "The Irreducible Needs of Children" (Perseus)

October 11, 2000

Two of the nation's leading experts on child development and health, T. Berry Brazelton and Stanley Greenspan, join forces to discuss the fundamentals of what children absolutely must have to grow, learn, and flourish.


October 11, 2000

The Food and Drug Administration's approval of the abortion drug RU-486 sparked a new round of debate between pro-life and pro-choice activists, but it also brought forth a new discussion about the drug's medical benefits and drawbacks...

Alice Walker: "The Way Forward Is With a Broken Heart" (Random House)

October 10, 2000

Author Alice Walker joins Diane to discuss her new collection of semi-autobiographical stories that come from the experience of her early marriage and divorce.

Marsha Mason: "Journey" (Simon and Schuster)

October 9, 2000

Actress Marsha Mason has earned her two Golden Globe awards and four Academy Award nominations. In her new memoir, "Journey" she tells how her work on stage and screen has led her to experiences such as a marriage to playwright...

Bonnie Angelo: "First Mothers" (William Morrow)

October 5, 2000

Many historians and biographers have written about the role of First Ladies, but few have examined another important female influence on the nation's presidents -- the mother-son relationship. In her new book, journalist Bonnie Angelo...

H.W. Brands: "The First American" (Doubleday)

October 3, 2000

Founding father Benjamin Franklin's interests included science, travel, philosophy, inventing, diplomacy, literature, social life, and, of course, politics. History professor H.W. Brands' new biography depicts Franklin's role in all these...

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