Alice Walker: "The Way Forward Is With a Broken Heart" (Random House)

October 10, 2000

Author Alice Walker joins Diane to discuss her new collection of semi-autobiographical stories that come from the experience of her early marriage and divorce.

Marsha Mason: "Journey" (Simon and Schuster)

October 9, 2000

Actress Marsha Mason has earned her two Golden Globe awards and four Academy Award nominations. In her new memoir, "Journey" she tells how her work on stage and screen has led her to experiences such as a marriage to playwright...

Bonnie Angelo: "First Mothers" (William Morrow)

October 5, 2000

Many historians and biographers have written about the role of First Ladies, but few have examined another important female influence on the nation's presidents -- the mother-son relationship. In her new book, journalist Bonnie Angelo...

H.W. Brands: "The First American" (Doubleday)

October 3, 2000

Founding father Benjamin Franklin's interests included science, travel, philosophy, inventing, diplomacy, literature, social life, and, of course, politics. History professor H.W. Brands' new biography depicts Franklin's role in all these...

Riera and DiPrisco: "Field Guide to the American Teenager" (Perseus)

October 2, 2000

All teenagers bewilder, frustrate, and sometimes even frighten their moms and dads, and today's "Generation Y" is no exception. Michael Riera and Joseph DiPrisco are both psychologists specializing in work with adolescents and their...

Mary Karr: "Cherry" (Viking)

September 28, 2000

Mary Karr joins Diane to continue telling the story of her life, which she began in her best-selling 1995 memoir "The Liars' Club." In her new volume, she relates her years of adolescent turmoil, as she came of age in the 1960s.

Nursing Home Reform

September 27, 2000

President Clinton has asked Congress to approve $1 billion in new spending to boost staffing and training in the nation's nursing homes. Diane hosts a conversation about how best to improve the quality of care in American's long-term care...

Nancy Cobb: "In Lieu of Flowers" (Pantheon)

September 26, 2000

Journalist Nancy Cobb discusses the lessons she's learned from coping with loss in her own life and from talking with acquaintances, friends and loved ones who are grieving. In her new book, she explores the role of death within life, and...

Martin Goldsmith: "The Inextinguishable Symphony" (Wiley)

September 22, 2000

Martin Goldsmith, former host of NPR's "Performance Today," discusses his family memoir, "The Inextinguishable Symphony." His parents met and fell in love in Nazi Germany, when both were performers in a Jewish symphony...

David Isay: "Flophouse" (Random House)

September 21, 2000

Independent radio producer David Isay discusses his book "Flophouse", based on his radio documentary about the rapidly-disappearing residence hotels in the Bowery area of New York City. This volume of photographs and interviews...

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