Tubach & Rosner: "An Uncommon Friendship" (University of California Press) (Rebroadcast)

May 28, 2001

Bernie Rosner is a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz and Fritz Tubach belonged to a Nazi Youth group growing up in Germany. They are longtime friends who today live in California. They join Diane to explain how they became friends and how they...

Readers' Review: Tim O'Brien's "In the Lake of the Woods"

May 25, 2001

The Diane Rehm Show Readers' Review returns with a discussion of Tim O'Brien's novel In the Lake of the Woods. The novel centers on a politician whose role in a Vietnam War massacre has just become public.

Diamond Industry

May 22, 2001

Some diamond merchants have agreed not to buy diamonds from Sierra Leone and other countries where the proceeds may be used to wage war or commit acts of terrorism. But this is only one of several factors contributing to dramatic changes...

Don Hewitt: "Tell Me A Story" (Public Affairs)

May 21, 2001

Don Hewitt is the creator and executive producer of CBS's newsmagazine "60 Minutes." He joins Diane to talk about the memoir of his television career and to recount some of the greatest stories he's heard and seen on- and off-air.

Monty Roberts: "Horse Sense for People" (Viking)

May 17, 2001

Monty Roberts is one of the world's most famous horse trainers. He's known for his "Join-Up" technique, a gentle way of working with horses. In his new book, he suggests that the same methods can be effective in improving relations...

Daniel Schorr: "Staying Tuned" (Pocket Books)

May 15, 2001

Since 1985, Daniel Schorr has been NPR's senior news analyst, but his career in journalism goes back much further. In his new memoir, he shares highlights of his six decades as a reporter, starting in World War II and continuing through...

Alexa Albert: "Brothel" (Random House)

May 14, 2001

Over a period of several years, medical student Alexa Albert carried out a public health study of condom usage at the Mustang Ranch, one of Nevada's legal brothels. In her new book, Dr. Albert tells about the experience and about getting...

James Houston: "Snow Mountain Passage" (Knopf)

May 11, 2001

The story of the Donner Party - the group of pioneers who resorted to cannibalism in the winter of 1846-1847 - is one of American history's most chilling episodes. Novelist James Houston tells how the Donner Party's experience inspired his...

Steve Fainaru: "The Duke of Havana" (Villard)

May 9, 2001

Orlando Hernandez, better known to his fans as "El Duque," became one of the top players for the New York Yankees in 1998. Before that, he was a baseball star in his native Cuba. In his new book investigative sportswriter Steve...

Barry Werth: "The Scarlet Professor" (Doubleday)

May 3, 2001

Newton Arvin was a well-known literary critic and professor at Smith College in the late 1940s and 1950s, but in the "Pink Scare" days of the 1960s his career was shattered once his homosexuality was revealed. In his new biography...

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