Roger Wilkins: "Jefferson's Pillow: The Founding Fathers and the Dilemma of Black Patriotism" (Beacon)

July 3, 2001

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson changed the course of history in advocating freedom - yet at the same time, they were slave-owners. Historian Roger Wilkins talks about the ambivalent feelings he and other black Americans have about...

Ruby Dee: "My One Good Nerve" (Wiley)

June 29, 2001

Ruby Dee has won acclaim both for her acting and for her dedication to civil rights. In her book and one-woman show, both titled "My One Good Nerve," she relates anecdotes from her career on stage and screen, and from her personal...

Digges & Digges: "The Stardust Lounge" (Doubleday)

June 27, 2001

Poet Deborah Digges' son Stephen's adolescence was harrowing for both of them, as she relates in her new memoir. Mother and son join Diane to talk about the rocky years and about the close relationship they've formed since then.

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Time*Sex*Love (Sony/Columbia)

June 26, 2001

Singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter presents her first new studio album in five years. She joins Diane to talk about how she broke through a bout of writer's block, and about her album's title - an abbreviated version of her producer's...

Sarah Flannery: "In Code" (Workman)

June 22, 2001

Sarah Flannery, a 19-year-old college student, was honored in 1999 as Ireland's "Young Scientist of the Year." In her new book, she explains how she became interested in math and cryptography at a very young age, and talks about...

The Reagan Legacy Project

June 14, 2001

Grover Norquist is chairman of the Reagan Legacy Project, which seeks "at least one notable public landmark" to be named for former President Ronald Reagan in each of the 50 states. Norquist and David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation...

Dan Rather: "The American Dream" (William Morrow)

June 13, 2001

CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather explores the idea of American dream in his new collection of anecdotes from people all across the country. He joins Diane to talk about how he collected the stories and about his own life, on and off the...

John Doolittle: "Don McNeill and His Breakfast Club" (Notre Dame)

June 12, 2001

Over more than three decades in the mid-20th century, the Breakfast Club was one of America's most popular radio programs. In a new book, author John Doolittle remembers the show and its Chicago-based host Don McNeill, who was...

Underage Drinking

June 12, 2001

The Bush daughters have drawn attention once again to the issue of underage drinking. A panel talks about the phenomenon of drinking before the age of 21, the laws against it, the penalties associated with breaking those laws, and the...

David McCullough: "John Adams" (Simon & Schuster)

June 11, 2001

In history books, John Adams, second president of the United States, is often overshadowed by his fellow founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Noted historian David McCullough focuses on President Adams' life and...

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