Reeve Lindbergh: "No More Words" (Simon & Schuster)

November 6, 2001

In a new memoir, Reeve Lindbergh, youngest daughter of aviator Charles Lindbergh and author Anne Morrow Lindbergh, writes of caring for her mother during the final months of her life.

Maxine Clair: "October Suite" (Random House)

November 5, 2001

Maxine Clair presents her new novel featuring schoolteacher October Brown, a character first introduced to readers in her acclaimed short story collection Rattlebone.

Vernon Jordan: "Vernon Can Read!" (Public Affairs)

November 2, 2001

Washington powerbroker and Bill Clinton confidant Vernon Jordan talks about the early years of his life and his work as a civil rights leader, as recounted in his new memoir.

Phyllis Greene: "It Must Have Been Moonglow" (Random House)

November 1, 2001

In her new book, Phyllis Greene writes of adjusting to widowhood. She lost her husband of 56 years almost three years ago.

V.S. Naipaul: "Half a Life" (Knopf)

October 29, 2001

Novelist V.S. Naipaul, this year's winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, joins Diane to look back on his acclaimed career and to present his latest work.

Timothy Naftali: The Presidential Recordings: "John F. Kennedy Volumes 1-3, The Great Crises" (WW Norton)

October 23, 2001

Timothy Naftali of the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs presents the first in a series of transcriptions of recently declassified recordings from the Kennedy White House. Naftali worked with co-editor Philip...

Sue Miller: "The World Below" (Knopf)

October 16, 2001

In her latest book, best-selling novelist Sue Miller tells the stories of modern-day Catherine Hubbard and her grandmother, Georgia Rice, in whose diary Catherine discovers personal struggles, questions and choices strikingly similar to...

Naomi Wolf: "Misconceptions" (Doubleday)

October 15, 2001

In her new book, feminist author Naomi Wolf describes how the medical establishment, American society, the government, and even the women's movement fail to adequately support, care for and advise first-time mothers.

Dan Kindlon: "Too Much of a Good Thing" (Talk Miramax)

October 9, 2001

All parents want to give their children a good life, but, writes psychologist Dan Kindlon in his new book, many moms and dads are spoiling their kids. He'll talk about how overindulgence affects children, and about how parents can set...

Kirk Johnson: "To The Edge" (Warner Books)

October 8, 2001

The New York Times' Kirk Johnson talks about the experience of training for and running the Badwater Ultramarathon -- an annual 135-mile race in Death Valley, California. The subtitle of his book is "A Man, Death Valley, and the...

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