Neil de Grasse Tyson: "One Universe" and "The Sky Is Not the Limit" (Doubleday)

April 11, 2000

Neil de Grasse Tyson tells his own story of how a city kid became one of the nation's few African-American astrophysicists. Today, he is director of the newly-renovated Hayden Planetarium in New York City. He'll discuss his own career and...


April 6, 2000

In the 1960s, scientists developed several ways to turn saltwater into freshwater. All were prohibitively expensive because they required a great deal of energy. But today, the technology has been significantly refined, and demand for...

Robert Ballard: "The Eternal Darkness" (Princeton)

April 5, 2000

Robert Ballard discusses his pioneering career in deep-sea exploration. He's taken part in over one hundred undersea expeditions, including the discovery of the wreckage of the Titanic.

Marc Hauser: "Wild Minds" (Henry Holt)

March 7, 2000

Harvard professor Marc Hauser shares the latest research on animal behavior and psychology in his new book. He joins Diane to discuss whether animals think, feel, and reason, and what a deeper understanding of animal intelligence can teach...


March 6, 2000

As many as one in every 1,000 people has sensory experiences in which a visual, auditory or other stimulus also prompts an experience with another of the five senses. That is, some people "see" sounds, "taste" shapes, or...

Dr. Thomas Lewis: "A General Theory of Love" (Random House)

February 10, 2000

Dr. Thomas Lewis presents the latest research findings on the nature of emotions. His new book explains how new understandings of both biology and psychology are shedding light on how humans connect with one another.

Alexandra Horowitz: "On Looking"

Alexandra Horowitz: "On Looking"

January 1, 1990

Studies have found we miss 80 percent of what's going on around us. A cognitive scientist on improving observation skills: how to see, hear and feel more of our surroundings.

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