Sir Martin Rees: "Our Final Hour" (Basic Books)

May 27, 2003

British astrophysicist Sir Martin Rees talks with Diane about his latest book, which details his belief that the greatest threat we face today might be our own scientific and technological progress. It's subtitled "A Scientist's...

Willard Gaylin: "Hatred" (Public Affairs)

May 1, 2003

In his new book, subtitled "The Psychological Descent into Violence", psychiatrist Dr. Willard Gaylin examines hatred - which he believes is a psychological disorder - and its seductive power to tear our world apart.

Roots of Islamic Radicalism

March 26, 2003

A panel talks about Islam, the Koran, and a man named Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian Muslim philosopher whose work has been studied as an important influence on Islamic terrorists today.

Chandler Burr: "The Emperor of Scent" (Random House)

February 13, 2003

The creation of a single commercially successful fragrance represents tens of millions of dollars in research by an army of chemists, but how we smell things is still a scientific mystery. In a new book, journalist Chandler Burr introduces...

Gus Lee: "Chasing Hepburn" (Harmony)

January 23, 2003

A Chinese-American author takes us straight into the heart of 20th century Chinese society. Gus Lee writes about the forces that repeatedly tore apart and reconfigured the lives of his parents and their contemporaries in his memoir...

Antonio Damasio: "Looking for Spinoza" (Harcourt)

January 22, 2003

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio brings together the latest discoveries in brain research and the work of a 17th century philosopher in exploring where feelings and emotions come from.

Gavin Menzies: "1421" (William Morrow)

January 14, 2003

In a new book, retired British Royal Navy commander and amateur historian Gavin Menzies asserts that the Chinese discovered America 70 years before Columbus. Diane talks with him about his research and the controversy surrounding the...

Reproductive and Research Cloning

January 8, 2003

Recent claims of a successful human cloning have renewed interest in the scientific and ethical issues related to reproductive and research cloning. Diane talks with two scientists about cloning and some of the many related ethical...

Joy Hakim: "Freedom: A History of US" (Oxford) (Rebroadcast)

January 1, 2003

Teacher and historian Joy Hakim presents her popular American history textbooks -- the "A History of US" series. She tells how she developed the books, and talks about the upcoming "PBS" series based on them.

John Sulston: "The Common Thread" (Joseph Henry) (Rebroadcast)

November 29, 2002

John Sulston, 2002 Nobel Prize winner for physiology and medicine for his research on a tiny worm, gives an insider's account of the science, politics and ethics behind the Human Genome Project.

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