Robert Wilson: "The Explorer King" (Scribner)

February 2, 2006

Clarence King has been compared with both Indiana Jones and Howard Hughes. A new biography describes his adventures as a scientist-explorer in the 1800's and uncovers why he's fallen into relative obscurity today.

The Future of TV

January 12, 2006

From TiVo to Slingbox, pay programming to a la carte, Diane and her guests talk about the latest trends in TV technology and what they mean for you.

Science and Anti-Science

December 21, 2005

A judge in Pennsylvania ruled intelligent design could not be taught in high school biology classes. We'll talk about the case and the claims of some that there is a growing anti-science bias in the U.S.

Dan Burstein: "Blog" (CDS Books)

December 6, 2005

Web logs - blogs - are everywhere these days. And everyone - actors, athletes, politicians and next door neighbors - seems to have one. A look at how blogs are changing politics, business and culture.

Maria Mudd Ruth: "Rare Bird" (Rodale) (Rebroadcast)

November 25, 2005

A small, mysterious bird has been flying along the Pacific coast since well before Captain Cook mapped those shores. A nature writer reveals why it took 185 years to find its secret nesting place and how it's now endangered.

Ray Kurzweil: "The Singularity Is Near" (Viking)

November 23, 2005

An inventor and futurist talks about the day when humans will transcend their biological roots.

Dr. LaSalle Leffall: "No Boundaries" (Howard)

November 18, 2005

Surgeon, oncologist, professor, and medical spokesman Lasalle Leffall believes "When you give people hope... you grant them one of the greatest of all human joys: the joy of anticipation." He joins Diane to talk about his new...

Diane Ackerman: "An Alchemy of Mind" (Scribner)

November 11, 2005

The author, a poet and naturalist, paints a lush landscape of the brain at work.

John Marzluff: "In the Company of Crows and Ravens" (Yale)

October 25, 2005

Our language, art, culture, and religion have all been influenced over the ages by our interactions with crows. Humans also have had a significant impact on the complex culture of crows. Diane and her guest take a look at the unique...

Natural Disasters: Patterns and Predictability

October 12, 2005

The death toll from Saturday's earthquake in Pakistan is thought to exceed 20,000 people. Diane and her guests discuss natural disaster patterns and on going efforts to develop early warning systems.

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