Thomas Moore: "The Soul's Religion" (Harper Collins)

April 16, 2002

Thomas Moore, a former monk and author of the best-selling "Care of the Soul," talks about the role spirituality plays in everyday life, and about the teachings of different faith traditions that have influenced his own spiritual...

American Catholics

March 27, 2002

A panel talks about revelations of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests and the failure of the hierarchy to address the problem properly, sparking a new round of conversations among American Catholics about the health of their...

Randy Cohen: "The Good, the Bad, and the Difference" (Doubleday)

March 25, 2002

Randy Cohen writes the "Ethicist" column for the New York Times Magazine, dispensing advice on life's knotty, everyday, ethical dilemmas. He's neither a philosopher nor a lawyer, but he'll answer questions and evaluate scenarios...

School Choice

February 12, 2002

Diane and her guests preview the upcoming Supreme Court debate about whether a Cleveland, Ohio school voucher program violates the Constitution's separation of church and state

Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

January 4, 2002

One of the Bush administration's highest priorities and most controversial measures has been the establishment of a White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. A panel talks about the shape of the evolving debate on the...

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

December 5, 2001

Theodore McCarrick became Roman Catholic archbishop of Washington, DC in January of this year and shortly thereafter the Pope named him as a member of the College of Cardinals. Cardinal McCarrick joins Diane to talk about his career in the...

Comparative Religion

November 26, 2001

Muslim, Christian, and Jewish clergy members join Diane to talk about the commonalities and differences among their faiths' histories and major texts.

Philip Yancey: "Soul Survivor" (Doubleday)

September 27, 2001

Philip Yancey discusses spirituality within and outside organized religion. His new book recounts "how my faith survived the Church."

Diana Eck: "A New Religious America" (Harper San Francisco)

August 17, 2001

Harvard professor Diana Eck discusses the Pluralism Project, a program she directs that studies the increasing diversity of religious belief in the U.S. today.

Phyllis Tickle: "The Shaping of a Life" (Doubleday)

April 27, 2001

Phyllis Tickle, a leading authority on American religion, describes her own spiritual and personal journey in her memoir.

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