Readers' Review

Readers Review: "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle

December 19, 2007

Join Diane for a discussion of this 1963 Newbery Medal winning classic for all ages. "A Wrinkle in Time" is the story of Meg, her brother Charles Wallace, and their extraordinary adventure through time and space to find their father...

Readers Review: "What is the What" by Dave Eggers

November 21, 2007

Listeners are invited to join the discussion about a novel based on the odyssey of a "Sudanese Lost Boy" from his village in Southern Sudan to temporary shelter in Ethiopia to a vast refugee camp in Kenya and finally to Atlanta.

Readers Review: "Dracula" by Bram Stoker

October 24, 2007

Just in time for Halloween, Diane takes a look at this quintessential tale of suspense and horror.

Readers Review: "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck

August 15, 2007

Diane invites listeners to join a discussion about this classic novel focusing on traditional Chinese culture in the early twentieth century.

Readers' Review: "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen

July 18, 2007

Diane invites listeners to join a discussion of one of this summer's paperback bestsellers. "Water for Elephants" tells the story of how life in the circus during the Depression affected one man's journey through life.

Readers' Review: "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte

June 20, 2007

Charlotte Bronte's last and most autobiographical novel is a powerfully moving study of isolation and the pain of unrequited love, narrated by a heroine determined to preserve an independent spirit in the face of adverse circumstances.

Readers Review: "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut

May 30, 2007

Listeners are invited to join Diane and her in-studio guests to remember Kurt Vonnegut by discussing his 1963 science fiction novel dealing with religion, politics, human folly and a new form of ice that freezes at room temperature.

Readers' Review: "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri

April 25, 2007

Join Diane and her guests for a discussion of this novel about a newly married Bengali couple's immigration from India to the U.S., their two children, and how all their lives are shaped by accidental events in spite of their plans and...

Readers Review: "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert

March 21, 2007

Diane and her guests discuss this classic tale of a young woman destroyed by the reckless pursuit of her romantic dreams.

Readers Review: "Your Blues Ain't Like Mine" by Bebe Moore Campbell

February 21, 2007

We remember Bebe Moore Campbell, who died last November at age 56, by taking a look at the novel for which she received the NAACP Image Award for Literature. Spanning the decades from the mid 1950s to the late 1980s, "Your Blues Ain't Like...

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