Red Cross President and CEO Bernadine Healy

April 24, 2000

Dr. Bernadine Healy talks about her work as the head of the National Institutes of Health and about the activities and mission of the Red Cross.

North Korea/South Korea Summit

April 20, 2000

South Korea announced last week that the leaders of North and South Korea will meet this summer in Pyongyang. While many dismissed the announcement as a ploy to influence last Thursday's parliamentary elections in South Korea, others said...

U.S.-E.U. Relations

April 13, 2000

The New York Times reported this past weekend on the increase in French books and articles critical of American policy and culture. Many observers say a anti-Americanism is on the rise across the countries of the European Union. A panel...

Second Amendment

April 12, 2000

Two legal experts discuss the original intention of the authors of the Second Amendment and how it should be interpreted today.

"The American President"

April 4, 2000

Philip Kunhardt and Hugh Sidey discuss the new book and television series on the 41 men who have served in our nation's highest elected office. They'll talk about the themes and comparisons they've drawn out of their historical research...

Women Voters

April 3, 2000

In the last presidential election "soccer moms" emerged as a key constituency. A panel talks about how women vote, how candidates are positioning themselves in order to appeal to women, and the issues that are important to women.

David Broder: "Democracy Derailed" (Harcourt)

March 29, 2000

Longtime journalist David Broder discusses the skyrocketing number of initiatives appearing on ballots around the country. In his new book, he warns that the ballot initiative process has grown from a populist election reform measure into...

World Bank President James Wolfensohn

March 28, 2000

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have been under increasing scrutiny as the scale of globalization grows and the world's citizens become increasingly aware of the institutions' influence. The president of the World Bank...

Voting Representation for DC

March 23, 2000

Earlier this week, a panel of federal judges ruled that residents of the District of Columbia do not have the right to a voting representative in Congress. Some Constitutional scholars argue that this was the Founding Fathers' intent, but...

Harriett Woods: "Stepping Up to Power" (Westview)

March 21, 2000

Harriett Woods, former president of the National Women's Political Caucus, reviews the political journey American women have been on over the past fifty years. She joins Diane to talk about that journey, about her own experiences in...

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