Campaign Finance Reform

January 25, 2001

Senator John McCain is once again advocating passage of a major campaign finance reform bill, and many analysts believe it has a good chance of becoming law. A panel talks about the new bill and the new context in which its merits are...

Robert Reich: "The Future of Success" (Knopf)

January 22, 2001

Robert Reich, who served as Secretary of Labor during President Clinton's first term, talks about "the new economy" and how it is changing life for American workers and families - for better and for worse.

Inauguration Report

January 22, 2001

Diane and her guests review the events surrounding the presidential inauguration of George W. Bush: his inaugural address, the parades and balls, the protests, and everything else that happened on the day the new president took office.

David Starkey: "Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne" (HarperCollins)

January 18, 2001

British historian David Starkey presents his new biography of Queen Elizabeth I. He focuses on her early life, between her birth in 1533 and her coronation in 1558 - a period during which her mother was executed and she herself was...

Religion and the Bush Administration

January 18, 2001

A panel examines George W. Bush's ideas about faith-based organizations and other ways religion could play a role in the Bush Administration and its policies.

David Kessler: "A Question of Intent" (PublicAffairs)

January 16, 2001

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler joins Diane to discuss his role in the effort to regulate the tobacco industry. In a new book, he describes the political, legal, and tactical aspects of this most challenging...

Cabinet Nominees

January 11, 2001

Linda Chavez, George W. Bush's nominee for Secretary of Labor, this week withdrew herself from consideration amid questions about an illegal immigrant who lived in her home. Other nominees, like Attorney General-designate John Ashcroft...

International War Crimes Tribunal

January 10, 2001

Earlier this month, President Clinton decided to sign on to a treaty for the creation of a permanent international war crimes tribunal. A panel discusses the proposed tribunal and the opposition it still faces in this country.

Census Director Kenneth Prewitt

January 9, 2001

Every ten years, as mandated by law, the U.S. counts its citizens and gathers information about them. Kenneth Prewitt, the Census Director, presents the findings of the 2000 census and talks about how the new information will be used by...


January 8, 2001

At the end of his term, an outgoing president often grants clemency to a range of convicts. Diane and her guests take a look at this tradition, at the process of offering clemency, and at some of the cases President Clinton may be...

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