Intelligence Gathering

January 7, 2002

Congress hasn't decided whether to hold hearings on whether U.S. intelligence should have been able to prevent the terrorist attacks of September 11. A panel talks about how the U.S. gathers its information and how that could change in...

2002 Outlook

January 2, 2002

A panel of political and military experts joins Diane for a discussion of what's ahead in the new year -- from the next stages of the war on terrorism, to the Congressional elections coming up in the fall.

Admiral Dennis Blair

December 19, 2001

Adm. Dennis Blair, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, is just back from a three-week tour of India and Southeast Asia. He joins Diane to talk about security issues and efforts to forge new alignments in the wake of the September 11th...

Afghanistan Update

December 11, 2001

A panel discussion on the new interim government in Afghanistan: how it was formed, its top priorities, the most significant problems it faces, and what kind of support it will receive from the international community.

Global Economy

December 10, 2001

The U.S. is suffering an economic slump, but we have plenty of company around the world. A panel talks about problems in the economies of other countries, how they're linked to our own, and the outlook for recovery in the coming months.

New Afghan Government

December 6, 2001

Diane and her guests talk about the new transitional administration for Afghanistan agreed on by Afghan factions meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Walter Russell Mead: "Special Providence" (Knopf)

November 21, 2001

Author Walter Russell Mead talks with Diane about his controversial belief that the U.S. has had a more successful foreign policy than any of the great powers in the modern world.

Presidential Papers Executive Order

November 21, 2001

A panel talks about President Bush's executive order which gives presidents an indefinite amount of time to withhold their records from public view after they leave office.

Women in a New Afghanistan

November 20, 2001

A panel talks about the Bush Administration's efforts to ensure women have a meaningful role in the post-Taliban government of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Update

November 19, 2001

A panel talks about the latest news on the military campaign in Afghanistan, the search for Osama bin Laden and efforts to shut down the al Qaeda network.

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