September 10, 2002

A look at Afghanistan's transformation in the past year and its challenges today.

Political Outlook

September 4, 2002

After an August recess of relaxing, fundraising and campaigning, members of Congress come back to Washington for an intense political season. A panel of political analysts joins Diane to talk about the issues at the top of the...

Kevin Phillips: "Wealth and Democracy" (Broadway) (Rebroadcast)

September 2, 2002

Political analyst Kevin Phillips discusses wealth and democracy -- and whether the one is damaging to the other. His new book is a political history of money in America, from the Revolution through the "second Gilded Age" of our...

Lawrence and Cornelia Levine: "The People and the President" (Beacon)

August 22, 2002

Lawrence and Cornelia Levine talk about the national conversation that grew from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's fireside chats and the letters he received in response from Americans, as collected in their new book.

Robert Reich: "I'll Be Short" (Beacon)

August 19, 2002

Robert Reich is the former Labor Secretary in the Clinton administration and is now seeking the Democratic nomination in Massachusetts's gubernatorial race. He joins guest host Laura Knoy to talk about what he believes are governments' and...

U.S.-Saudi Arabia Relations

August 19, 2002

A panel talks about the latest developments in U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, and the important role this Arab ally plays in the war on terrorism, policy toward Iraq, and more.

Testosterone and Andropause

August 14, 2002

A panel talks about the controversial notion of "andropause," the variable decrease in testosterone levels that some men experience with advancing age, and the risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

Leaks and the Media

August 12, 2002

A panel talks about the practice of strategic information leaks: how it's done in the Bush White House and the Pentagon, how it tends to shape media coverage and public debate, and how it compares to information management in other...

Fast Track

July 31, 2002

A panel talks about why it's taken Congress eight years to renew the president's trade promotion authority and what it means for the U.S. economy, workers here and abroad, the environment, and more.

Police Powers for the Military

July 29, 2002

A panel talks about the legal and historical divisions between the armed forces and the police, and how they could be affected by the war on terrorism and the administration's homeland security measures.

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