Arianna Huffington: "Fanatics and Fools" (Miramax)

April 16, 2004

Commentator/activist/blogger Arianna Huffington weighs in on the latest political developments -- including her own experiences in the California gubernatorial race.

Iraq and 9/11 Update

April 15, 2004

President Bush answered questions about Iraq and 9/11 at a press conference this week, while the 9/11 commission heard from CIA Director George Tenet and others in hearings on Capitol Hill. A panel talks about the news and analysis...

Jane Dunn: "Elizabeth and Mary" (Knopf) (Rebroadcast)

April 13, 2004

Writer Jane Dunn discusses the lives and lifelong rivalry of two rulers connected by blood, position and gender: Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.

Mary Matalin: "Letters to My Daughters" (Simon & Schuster)

April 12, 2004

Mary Matalin discusses the life lessons she learned from her mother and from a life in politics, and how she hopes to pass them on to her daughters.

Iraq Update

April 12, 2004

Diane and her guests talk about the fighting in Fallujah, how to meet the June 30th deadline to hand over sovereignty, U.S. troop rotations and other news from Iraq.

The Pre-9/11 Terrorist Threat

April 7, 2004

Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger talks with Diane about the 9/11 commission and its upcoming hearing with his successor, Condoleezza Rice. They'll also talk about how the Clinton administration dealt with the terrorist...

John Dean: "Worse Than Watergate" (Little, Brown)

April 6, 2004

The lawyer who famously warned Richard Nixon that Watergate was "a cancer on the presidency." explains how the current Administration is more secretive than the Nixon Administration.

Karen Hughes: "Ten Minutes from Normal" (Viking)

April 2, 2004

George W. Bush's longtime counselor joins Diane to talk about the career that took her from Texas to the White House. They'll talk about Hughes' decision to leave Washington, her work with President Bush, and much more.

U.S. Gas Prices

April 1, 2004

Presidential candidate John Kerry proposed an energy plan that would help bring down gas prices. President Bush says high prices at the pump could have been avoided if Congress had passed his energy bill. Diane and her guests talk about...

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The Choice" (Basic Books)

March 31, 2004

The former national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter takes a look at the strategic challenges America faces and offers alternatives to the Bush foreign policy doctrine.

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