Social Issues in the Republican Platform

September 1, 2004

Diane and her guests talk about the importance of conservative social views in the Republican Party platform.

GOP Convention Update

August 31, 2004

Diane talks with guests from the Republican Convention in New York City and in Washington about GOP's themes and strategies being presented this week.

Jeremy Rifkin: "The European Dream" (Tarcher Putnam)

August 19, 2004

A leading social thinker talks about the emerging European identity -- how it differs from the American identity and what it means for the future of the world.

Free Speech and Monitoring the Public

August 19, 2004

A panel talks about tactics the FBI and other government workers are using to watch the public and head off criminal activities -- and why they're worrisome to civil libertarians.

Iran's Nuclear Program

August 16, 2004

A panel talks about how the U.S. and its allies continue to grapple with Iran over its nuclear program.

Maureen Dowd: "Bushworld" (Putnam)

August 13, 2004

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Maureen Dowd joins Diane to share her observations on current politics and her experiences covering the last several administrations.

Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

August 11, 2004

Ambassador Josette Sheeran Shiner, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, joins Diane to talk about free-trade, outsourcing, and the Bush Administration's trade polices.

Electoral College

August 10, 2004

The presidential race of 2004 is shaping up to be as close a contest as in 2000, when the popular vote did not decide the election. Diane and her guests take a look at the history of the Electoral College, how it works, and proposals to...

General Tommy Franks: "American Soldier" (HarperCollins)

August 9, 2004

General Tommy Franks, who commanded US forces in the Middle East during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, talks about his career in the Army, the future of the US military, and more.

Mitt Romney: "Turnaround" (Regnery)

August 6, 2004

Mitt Romney discusses his leadership roles in business and in government. His new book focuses on his experiences as president of the organizing committee for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. As Republican governor of...

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