Robert Merry: "Sands of Empire" (Simon & Schuster)

July 8, 2005

According to author Robert Merry, US foreign policy has taken a dangerous, interventionist bias since the end of the cold war. He explains the role the US should play in the world and why the nation's global strategies need to be reset.

Political Language

July 1, 2005

Politicians have always used rhetoric to get their points across. But some observers think their language and the facts are getting distorted. A panel joins Diane to discuss current trends in political discourse.

Canadian Ambassador Frank McKenna

June 28, 2005

Diane talks with Ambassador Frank McKenna of Canada about trade, homeland security, and other matters of shared interest between the U.S. and Canada.

News Roundup

June 17, 2005

A panel of journalists joins Diane for review and analysis of the week’s top national and international news stories.

John Harris: "The Survivor" (Random House)

June 13, 2005

President Bill Clinton faced numerous challenges and crises - some self-inflicted, some not - during his 8 years in the White House. A political journalist joins Diane for a look back at the Clinton presidency.

Health Care Coverage

June 9, 2005

Both the number of uninsured Americans and the cost of health care are on a steady upward trend. Diane leads a discussion on possible solutions to the nation's health care financial crunch and how they could affect you.

Robert Pape: "Dying to Win" (Random House)

June 2, 2005

One of the world's leading authorities on suicide terrorism describes his research into the threat we face and how to defeat it.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

May 26, 2005

The House of Representatives defied President Bush's threatened veto and passed legislation that would loosen restrictions on federally funded stem cell research. Diane and her guests talk about the implications for U.S. researchers and...

Patricia O'Toole: "When Trumpets Call" (Simon & Schuster)

May 25, 2005

After he left the White House at age 50, President Theodore Roosevelt struggled to recover power and find a sense of purpose. Diane talks with the author of a new book focusing on the last decade of his life.

David Reynolds: "John Brown, Abolitionist" (Knopf)

May 12, 2005

A distinguished professor of English and American Studies takes a look at the life of the controversial Abolitionist who used terror tactics against slavery and changed the course of American history.

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