Rep. John Murtha and the War Debate

February 13, 2006

An interview with Rep. Murtha, followed by analysis of the U.S. role in Iraq.

Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee

February 9, 2006

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes convinced Governor Mike Huckabee to lose 110 pounds and take control of his health. As the new chairman of the National Governors Association, he hopes to get Americans to lead healthier, more active lives...

Breaking the "Oil Addiction"

February 6, 2006

A look at the president's proposals to reduce U.S. reliance on Middle East oil.

Con Coughlin: "American Ally: Tony Blair and the War on Terror" (Ecco)

February 3, 2006

The leading British journalist details the evolution of the Bush-Blair relationship and their collaboration on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Michael Mandelbaum: "The Case for Goliath" (Public Affairs)

February 1, 2006

Many bemoan the dominance of the United States in world affairs. Foreign policy expert Michael Mandelbaum explains how the U.S. acts as the world's government, and why, if America gave up this role, the world would be a worse place.

Rep. John Dingell

January 30, 2006

The Michigan congressman reflects on 50 years in the U.S. House of Representatives and the current political climate.

Fred Barnes: "Rebel in Chief" (Crown Forum)

January 27, 2006

An inside look at the presidency of George W. Bush. Journalist Fred Barnes interviewed the president, vice president and other prominent cabinet and White House officials to discover what drives the nation's 43rd president.*


Palestinian Elections

January 26, 2006

How the first parliamentary elections in a decade will impact politics and the peace process.

Health Care Reform

January 23, 2006

in his upcoming State-of the-Union address, President Bush is expected to outline proposals for making health care more consumer driven. Two health care experts discuss why costs are skyrocketing and what can be done to rein them in.

Military Preparedness

January 20, 2006

How the military is adjusting to an insurgency it did not anticipate, and how the Pentagon might reshape the armed forces under an upcoming strategic review.

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