George McGovern

February 14, 2003

Former Senator George McGovern ran for president in 1972, when an important part of his platform was opposition to the Vietnam War. He joins Diane to talk about his memories of that campaign, and about why he's still speaking out against...

U.S. - Europe Relations

February 12, 2003

Relations between the U.S. and some of its important European allies are severely strained by disagreements over Saddam Hussein's Iraq. A panel talks about the latest transatlantic exchanges and what they may mean for the future of NATO...

The Administration's Case Against Iraq

February 6, 2003

A review of Secretary of State Colin Powell's meetings at the U.N. and the case made to date for a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Foreign Policy

February 4, 2003

Analysis of how our foreign policy is affecting relationships with countries around the world and some of the longer-term repercussions we could face in the event of a war against Iraq.

State of the Union 2003

January 29, 2003

A panel of journalists joins Diane for morning-after analysis of President Bush's State of the Union address.

Health Care Reform

January 27, 2003

Two U.S. Senators from opposite sides of the aisle join Diane to talk about double-digit increases in health care expenses and about some of the solutions being considered to address the problem.

Amy Chua: "World on Fire" (Doubleday)

January 17, 2003

Some people believe exporting free markets and democracy to other countries would increase peace and prosperity throughout the world. In a new book, Yale law school professor Amy Chua argues that it breeds ethnic hatred and global...

Health Care Costs

January 16, 2003

17,000 GE employees staged a two-day strike this week in protest of company plans to raise out of pocket health care costs. Diane speaks with several analysts on the rising cost of heath care and the implications for employers, employees...

North Korea

January 7, 2003

A panel talks about the latest from the standoff with North Korea over nuclear issues, and how the Bush administration's foreign policy is evolving.

Fitzhugh Mullan: "Big Doctoring in America" (University of California Press)

January 3, 2003

Physician and medical school professor Fitzhugh Mullan talks about the state of the American health care system and the changing role of primary health care providers.

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