Stanley Greenberg: "The Two Americas" (Thomas Dunne Books)

January 6, 2004

Political pollster Stanley Greenberg explains how American voters became so deeply and evenly divided and what this split may mean for upcoming presidential election.

Foreign Policy Outlook

January 6, 2004

A panel talks about the U.S. foreign policy outlook for 2004, with a look at progress and challenges in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. relationship with its traditional European allies, the importance of international developments to the...

Michael Waldman: "My Fellow Americans" (Sourcebooks)

December 23, 2003

From "Four score and seven years ago..." to "Ask not what your country can do for you..." and beyond, a former White House speechwriter presents some of the greatest moments in presidential oratory.

Nonproliferation Progress

December 22, 2003

Libya announced the halt of all its programs for developing weapons of mass destruction, just one day after Iranian officials officially agreed to allow intrusive inspections of that country's nuclear facilities. A panel talks about Iran's...

Political Outlook 2004

December 19, 2003

A panel of pundits offers predictions and prognostication about the year ahead in politics.

Walter Shapiro: "One-Car Caravan" (Public Affairs)

December 18, 2003

USA Today political columnist Walter Shapiro started covering the current presidential campaigns two years before the first votes were to be cast. "One-Car Caravan" reveals the humble roots of the campaigns and why some are driven...

Iraq, the U.S., and European Allies

December 16, 2003

Diane and her guests talk about tensions between the U.S. and its European allies over the war in Iraq and the reconstruction effort, with a look at whether the capture of Saddam Hussein will alter any of the ongoing debates.

Saddam Hussein

December 15, 2003

Images of Saddam Hussein's capture by the U.S military were shown worldwide yesterday. A panel joins Diane to talk about his apprehension and what it may mean for Iraqis and the U.S. led reconstruction effort.

Howard Dean

December 1, 2003

He opposed the war in Iraq and now he wants to expand health care, return to balanced budgets, and let Americans take control of the country's destiny. Physician and former governor of Vermont Howard Dean joins Diane to talk about his...

David Maraniss: "They Marched Into Sunlight" (Simon & Schuster)

November 25, 2003

Journalist David Maraniss talks about a convergence of events in the fall of 1967: a deadly ambush in Vietnam and a deadly clash between protesters and police at the University of Wisconsin.

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