Reclassifying Security Information

June 28, 2004

Former FBI translator and interpreter Sibel Edmonds and the Project on Government Oversight have sued Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Justice Department for reclassifying national security information having to do with the FBI and...

Barry Lopez: "Resistance" (Knopf)

June 22, 2004

In Barry Lopez's new work of fiction, nine people living abroad are called to the U.S. to speak with security authorities about their work. They choose instead to go underground, leaving behind revealing, often politically charged personal...

James Bamford: "A Pretext For War" (Doubleday)

June 21, 2004

Investigative journalist James Bamford offers a detailed account of intelligence failures that led to the 9/11 tragedy and the administration's call for a pre-emptive war in Iraq.

Ken Ellingwood: "Hard Line" (Pantheon)

June 18, 2004

As immigration reshapes the face of America, what happens at our borders is increasingly relevant to the rest of our nation. Journalist Ken Ellingwood offers a vivid and informative portrait of the people and the difficult issues that lie...

Media, Politics and Credibility

June 14, 2004

A new survey shows half as many Republicans as Democrats rate the major news outlets as credible. Two non-partisan pollsters discuss why Republicans have become more distrustful of the news in the past four years while Democratic views...

Jorge Ramos: "The Latino Wave" (Rayo)

June 8, 2004

Television anchor Jorge Ramos shares his perspective on how Latinos are culturally and politically transforming the U.S.

Remembering Ronald Reagan

June 7, 2004

Diane talks with journalist and historian Haynes Johnson and other guests about former President Ronald Reagan, who died Saturday June 5 at the age of 93.

Tim Russert: "Big Russ and Me" (Miramax)

June 4, 2004

The host of "Meet the Press" writes about growing up in Buffalo and lessons learned from his father.

Joseph Califano: "Inside" (PublicAffairs)

May 28, 2004

He was a partner in an influential Washington law firm and held key roles in three democratic administrations. Joseph Califano takes us inside some of the biggest history making moments in the last half century.

EJ Dionne, Jr.: "Stand Up Fight Back" (Simon & Schuster)

May 27, 2004

Columnist E.J. Dionne says that today's political atmosphere is the bitterest he can remember. He talks about why we've reached this state and what might be done to change it.

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