The Politics of Fear

October 25, 2004

Both President George Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry are telling voters that the election of their opponent will lead to dire consequences. Diane and her guests talk about the competing claims, how they compare to the facts, and...

Kiron Skinner: "Reagan's Path to Victory" (Free Press)

October 22, 2004

Many Americans remember Ronald Reagan as the 'great communicator.' But few know how he developed his political views. A look at the radio addresses he wrote and delivered between 1975 and 1979 offers new insights into the shaping of...

Faith and the Presidency

October 20, 2004

Both John Kerry and George W. Bush say they rely on their religious faith to guide them in their private and public lives. Diane and her guests talk about the role of religious faith in the presidential campaigns.

Debate Analysis

October 14, 2004

Diane and her guests discuss the third and final debate of the presidential campaign. They'll talk about the domestic proposals and problems that were raised Wednesday night in Tempe, Arizona, and predict how Bush and Kerry's performances...

Campaign Ad Strategies

October 13, 2004

With only three weeks to go before the election and many states still too close to call, Bush and Kerry strategists are turning up the heat on political advertising. We'll talk where and how the campaigns are spending their advertising...

Presidential Debate Analysis

October 11, 2004

Two political observers join Diane to talk about the second Bush-Kerry debate Friday in St. Louis. They'll examine major issues that were raised and the case each man is presenting to persuade the American electorate to give him their...

Afghanistan Elections

October 5, 2004

A look at Afghanistan's national elections scheduled for Saturday: the candidates, the voters, the issues, and the impact of deadly violence carried out by both the Taliban and local militias.

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: "War and the American Presidency" (W.W. Norton)

September 29, 2004

In a new book historian and author Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. outlines what he views as our country's new and dangerous policy of 'preventive war'.

Women Voters

September 29, 2004

"USA Today"'s Susan Page and her guests talk about the importance of women -- "security moms" and everyone else -- to the presidential election, and how the candidates are competing for their votes.

President Bush at the U.N.

September 22, 2004

Diane and her guests talk about Bush's speech to the U.N., criticism from Democratic candidate John Kerry about Bush's handling of the war, and how Iraq will figure in the presidential election.

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