Palestinian Transition

November 8, 2004

The Palestinian Prime Minister and his predecessor have taken over Yasser Arafat's duties. Diane and her guests talk about the future of the Middle East, and what a transition in the Palestinian leadership will mean for peace talks.

President Bush's Second Term

November 4, 2004

Social Security reform, supporting democracy in Iraq, education improvements, and bringing the troops home were just a few of the priorities President Bush named yesterday in a speech in Washington. He spoke after receiving a phone call...

Congressional Races and Ballot Initiatives

November 3, 2004

More on the presidential election plus conversation on congressional races, ballot initiatives, and the voting process

Election Analysis

November 3, 2004

A conversation about the results and events of Election Day 2004, focusing on the presidential race.

Listeners on Election Day

November 2, 2004

After months of predictions and punditry, Election Day is finally here. Diane invites you to talk about your Election Day experiences and expectations.

Historians on the Presidential Election of 2004

November 2, 2004

Diane and her guests put the Bush-Kerry contest in historical perspective, comparing today's campaigns, candidates, and issues to those of the past, and analyzing the significance and implications of the similarities and differences.

Listeners on Campaign Themes

November 1, 2004

Just a few more rallies, a few more ads, and a few more headlines until Campaign 2004 becomes history. Diane invites you to discuss which issues most resonated with you this election season, which were overlooked, and what you think of the...

Supreme Court Stakes in the Presidential Election

November 1, 2004

A panel talks about how the outcome of Tuesday's election could affect the Supreme Court and the nation's laws.

Congressional Races

October 27, 2004

Republicans are expected to hold a majority in the House of Representatives after voters go to the polls next week, but the Senate majority is up in the air. A conversation about which Congressional races to watch and what's at stake.

James Naughtie: "The Accidental American" (PublicAffairs)

October 26, 2004

The presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have been very different, but the two men have a very close ally in common: Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair. One of England's leading journalists talks about Blair and his relations...

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