Congressman John Spratt

February 14, 2005

Congressman John Spratt, ranking minority member on the House Budget Committee, discusses President Bush's budget proposal, the future of Social Security, and Democratic Congressional strategy.

Ronald White: "The Eloquent President" (Random House)

February 9, 2005

A historian offers in-depth analysis of President Abraham Lincoln's extraordinary skills as a public speaker, and looks at the lasting legacy of his words.

Middle East Summit

February 9, 2005

The Israeli and Palestinian leadership traded pledges of peace Tuesday at a meeting in Egypt, the first such summit in four years. Diane and her guests discuss the talks between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian...

Christine Todd Whitman: "It's My Party Too" (Penguin Press)

February 8, 2005

Former EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman talks about her experiences in the president's cabinet - and about her concerns that moderate Republicans like herself are losing influence within the GOP.

Rep. David Dreier (R-Ca.)

February 7, 2005

Congressman David Dreier, chairman of the House Rules Committee, talks about reaction on Capitol Hill to last week's State of the Union address, and about GOP strategy and priorities for the coming weeks and months.

State of the Union Analysis

February 3, 2005

A panel reviews the annual State of the Union Address, presented Wednesday evening by President George W. Bush. They'll discuss the president's policy proposals as outlined in the speech, and how they are likely to be received in Congress...

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer

February 2, 2005

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) holds a leadership position known as "Democratic Whip" - the "whip" is the member who makes sure he has his party colleagues lined up when big issues come up for a vote. He'll talk about the...

Karen Spears Zacharias: "Hero Mama" (William Morrow)

February 1, 2005

Journalist Karen Spears Zacharias was 9 years old in 1966 when her father died a hero in Vietnam. Her mother was 29 and left with three small children, an invalid father, and a ninth grade education. She tells the story of her mother's...

Stella Rimington: "At Risk" (Knopf)

January 26, 2005

From 1992 to 1996, she was the first and only woman director general of Britain's domestic security service, MI5. Stella Rimington describes how she drew on her experiences to write a spy thriller featuring a female secret agent.

The Ownership Society

January 26, 2005

President Bush wants to transform Social Security, health insurance and taxes on the way to realizing his vision of what he calls an ownership society. Diane and her guests talk about the ideas underpinning this vision and how the...

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