Steve Turner: "Amazing Grace" (Ecco)

December 5, 2002

Music historian Steve Turner tells the story behind the beloved hymn "Amazing Grace." He traces the song from its origins in the religious conversion of a former slave trader, up to its current popularity as one of the...

Mark Zwonitzer: "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?" (Simon & Schuster)

August 9, 2002

Author Mark Zwonitzer presents his book about the Carter Family. Beginning in the 1920s, they originated much of America's folk, bluegrass, and country sounds, and remain a major influence on performers of American roots music today.

Mandy Patinkin

June 20, 2002

Singer and actor Mandy Patinkin has long been a fan of the music of Stephen Sondheim, and starred in the original production of Sondheim's musical "Sunday in the Park with George." As part of the Kennedy Center's ongoing Sondheim...

Internet Radio

May 20, 2002

By all accounts, Internet-based radio programming is booming in popularity. But its future is in question, as some webcasters predict that royalty demands by the recording industry will be so costly they'll shut down many sites. We'll take...

Liam Clancy: "The Mountain of the Women" (Doubleday)

March 12, 2002

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with a conversation with Liam Clancy, one of Ireland's legendary singing Clancy Brothers.

Lynn Sherr: "America the Beautiful" (Public Affairs)

November 27, 2001

ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr tells the story behind one of the nation's most beloved songs, "America the Beautiful."

Johanna Fiedler: "Molto Agitato" (Doubleday)

November 20, 2001

Johanna Fiedler takes us behind the scenes at one of the most prestigious, turbulent, and secretive cultural institutions in the world: the Metropolitan Opera.

Gottlieb and Kimball: "Reading Lyrics" (Pantheon)

January 8, 2001

Diane talks with Robert Gottlieb and Robert Kimball about the book they've co-edited, Reading Lyrics (Pantheon). It's a collection of some of the best-written song lyrics of the 20th century, from Broadway shows, cabaret acts, pop...

John Rubinstein on Arthur Rubinstein

January 26, 2000

On the occasion of the release of a comprehensive discography of the late pianist Arthur Rubinstein's work, his son John Rubinstein talks about his father's life and career.

On The Job: Piano Teachers

January 7, 2000

In the first installment of our new "One the Job" series, Diane talks with a panel of piano teachers about different approaches to helping people of all ages and all levels learn to play the piano.

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