Don't Ask, Don't Tell

October 13, 2010

A federal judge orders the Pentagon to stop enforcing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding openly gay and lesbian troops: What the ruling means for the U.S. military worldwide and politics at home.

Understanding the Threat of Terrorism

October 12, 2010

As the U.S. enters its tenth year of war in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda remains a major threat. Understanding the recent European terrorism alerts and the evolving network of Islamic insurgents around the world.

News Roundup - Hour 2

October 8, 2010

The U.S. apologizes for a coalition helicopter attack that killed Pakistani soldiers; Iraq makes progress on efforts to form a new government; and the threat of terror attacks in Europe remains high. A panel of journalists joins guest host...

U.S. mission in Afghanistan

U.S. mission in Afghanistan

September 28, 2010

Federal prosecutors in New York have opened a criminal probe against a brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai: Efforts to curb corruption – and the risks for U-S military and diplomatic strategies in Afghanistan.

News Roundup - Hour 2

September 24, 2010

President Obama addresses the U.N. General Assembly. Iranian president Ahmadinejad expresses interest in renewing nuclear talks with the U-S and its allies. And Afghan officials release the first results from last week’s parliamentary...

Ingrid Betancourt: "Even Silence Has An End"

September 23, 2010

Ingrid Betancourt was campaigning for presidency in Colombia in 2002, when she was taken hostage by the FARC, a brutal terrorist organization. A personal account of six years of captivity in the Colombian jungle and the remarkable rescue...

News Roundup - Hour 2

September 17, 2010

The Taliban in Afghanistan threatens to disrupt parliamentary elections. Iran releases an American hiker. And Palestinian leader Abbas affirms continuing peace talks. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top...

Defense Spending  and the Deficit

Defense Spending and the Deficit

September 14, 2010

The cost of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Iraq now tops $1 trillion, and the nation’s debt tops thirteen trillion: New pressures to rein in the Pentagon’s budget and implications for national security.

News Roundup - Hour 2

September 10, 2010

Afghan President Hamid Karzai seeks to limit U.S. involvement in corruption probes; the first American soldiers are killed in Iraq since the combat mission ended; and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Mexican drug violence is like...

News Roundup - Hour 2

News Roundup - Hour 2

September 3, 2010

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Palestinian and Israeli leaders in Washington for the start of peace talks; the American combat mission ends in Iraq; and heavy violence in Afghanistan claims more lives among U.S. troops. A...

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