Environmental Outlook: The Military and Alternative Energy

July 5, 2011

The military goes green: How it's using renewable energy to cut costs and improve national security.

Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

July 1, 2011

A panel of journalists joins Diane to talk about reaction to the planned austerity measures in Greece, a deadly Taliban attack on a hotel in Kabul, and Egyptian military efforts to tamp down the largest riots in Cairo since Mubarak's fall.

Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

June 24, 2011

Analysis of this week's international news: We discuss President Obama's plan for U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, ongoing political turmoil in Syria, and implications of a Greek government austerity plan.

What's Next for U. S. Strategy in Afghanistan

June 22, 2011

President Obama announces how quickly he will withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Diane and guests explore what the administration's strategy could mean for the Afghan government, NATO and the U.S. military.

The Civil War: America's 2nd Revolution

June 21, 2011

One hundred fifty years ago four million people were held as slaves in the United States: Historians weigh in on the ongoing efforts to better understand the causes, costs, and consequences of the Civil War.

David Willman: "The Mirage Man"

David Willman: "The Mirage Man"

June 20, 2011

David Willman's new book investigates the developments surrounding the 2001 anthrax letter attacks. The first complete story of the attacks and what they have meant for America.

Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

June 17, 2011

The Greek government reshuffles its cabinet, more Syrians flee to Turkey and Al Qaida announces a replacement for Osama bin Laden. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

June 3, 2011

A panel of journalists joins guest host Terence Smith for analysis of the week's top international news stories, including deadly protests in Syria, the E. coli outbreak in Europe, and Taliban attacks on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Cyber Security

June 2, 2011

When cyber attacks constitute an act of war: The Pentagon’s strategies to defend the U-S from cyber attacks and guidelines for military retaliation.

David Ignatius: "Bloodmoney"

June 1, 2011

Set in Pakistan, "Bloodmoney" is the eighth novel in a series of CIA thrillers by the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Washington Post writer David Ignatius.

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