Freedom of Information

March 5, 2002

A discussion about the decreased availability of government information since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the re-evaluation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and how restrictions on information disclosure affect the press...

Lawrence Lessig: "The Future of Ideas" (Random House)

December 20, 2001

Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig talks about the forces he sees threatening the future of the Internet as a place for innovation and free expression. His book is subtitled "The Fate of the Commons in the Connected World."

Larry King: "Love Stories of World War II" (Crown)

December 7, 2001

CNN's Larry King commemorates the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day with a discussion of his new book. He'll share some of the first-person accounts of youthful love and romance he collected from men and women now in their 70s and 80s.

Marvin Kalb: "One Scandalous Story" (Free Press)

November 7, 2001

Longtime journalist and critic Marvin Kalb examines today's media climate, using press coverage of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal as a case study.

Truth in Journalism

June 28, 2001

Writer David Brock admits he lied about Anita Hill and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a 1992 magazine article in order to protect the Thomas' reputation. A panel talks about how untrue information gets into print, the factors...

Charles Peters

June 1, 2001

A relatively small political magazine called the Washington Monthly has had a relatively strong influence on journalism, having served as a training ground for many talented writers and editors, including Nicholas Lemann, James Fallows...

International Roundup

May 15, 2001

A panel of journalists from around the world talk about reactions abroad to the new U.S. Administration, and about the top international news stories.

Nicholson Baker: "Double Fold" (Random House)

May 1, 2001

In his new book, novelist Nicholson Baker details what he calls the "assault on paper" being carried out by libraries all around the country. Over the past 50 years, tons of old newspapers and books have been discarded, on the...

Ted Koppel: "Off Camera: Private Thoughts Made Public" (Knopf)

October 4, 2000

Throughout last year, Ted Koppel, anchor of ABC's "Nightline," kept a diary. He recorded his thoughts on the news events he was covering, from the impeachment trial to the war in Kosovo, as well as his reflections on his career so...

Faith Popcorn: "EVEolution" (Hyperion)

September 14, 2000

Faith Popcorn, one of the nation's leading experts on consumer trends, discusses the growing importance of women in the world of consumer marketing. In her new book, she tells what researchers are learning about how women make purchasing...

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