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Lisa Takeuchi Cullen: "Remember Me" (Collins)

August 1, 2006

A reporter traveled around the country to observe new and wacky death rites.

Syd Mead

July 7, 2006

The self described "visual futurist" of "Blade Runner" discusses his design work in film and beyond.

Fighting Childhood Obesity

June 19, 2006

Rising childhood obesity rates spawn efforts to get junk food out of schools, but behavioral changes are lagging public awareness.

Cesar Millan: "Cesar's Way" (Harmony Books)

April 20, 2006

The dog behavior expert explains how to see the world through a dog's eyes and avoid problem behavior.

Dana Buchman: "A Special Education" (Da Capo)

March 20, 2006

Popular fashion designer Dana Buchman talks about her daughter's struggle with learning difficulties and how, by helping her, she helped herself.

Leslie Morgan Steiner: "Mommy Wars" (Harcourt)

March 9, 2006

Essays by 26 women on their choices regarding motherhood, child-care and working.

Gail Sheehy: "Sex and the Seasoned Woman"

January 19, 2006

Many women in middle age today are refusing to settle for the stereotyped roles of the past. Gail Sheehy describes what she believes is a hidden cultural phenomenon - the revitalized pursuit of sex and other passions in the middle to...

The Future of TV

January 12, 2006

From TiVo to Slingbox, pay programming to a la carte, Diane and her guests talk about the latest trends in TV technology and what they mean for you.

Smoking Bans

January 10, 2006

Many states and communities around the country have enacted or are considering enacting bans on smoking in public. A look at trends in anti-smoking campaigns.

Ruth Reichl: "Garlic and Sapphires" (The Penguin Press) (Rebroadcast)

December 28, 2005

A former New York Times restaurant critic tells about wearing disguises to the fanciest Manhattan eateries in an attempt to remain anonymous in America's highest-profile restaurant reviewing job.

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