Death Penalty

May 31, 2000

A growing number of states and citizens are raising questions about the way the death penalty is carried out in this country. Diane and her guests talk about why this debate has returned to the national political scene.

Gun Control Critics

May 11, 2000

The Million Mom March scheduled for Mother's Day will advocate more gun control, but it won't speak for all women or all mothers. A group called Second Amendment Sisters will also be on the national Mall to voice their support of...

Life after Prison

May 1, 2000

Record-high incarceration rates have kept lawbreakers off America's streets, but now a large number of people are being released back into the "real world," often with little or no guidance in how to get a job, find housing, and...

Gun Safety Technology

March 13, 2000

Following the recent fatal shooting incidents in Michigan and Pennsylvania, a discussion of various gun safety proposals that rely on technology, from childproof trigger locks to "smart guns" that can be fired only by their owners.

John Grisham: "The Brethren" (Doubleday)

February 1, 2000

Best-selling novelist John Grisham presents his brand-new legal thriller, "The Brethren." The title refers to a clever trio of former judges who are running a mail scam from within a federal prison.

Michael Waldman: "The Second Amendment: A Biography"

January 1, 1990

A legal scholar on the history of the Constitutional right to bear arms. He argues that current gun laws are the result of political lobbying and distort the original intent of the Second Amendment.

New Questions About Generic Drugs

New Questions About Generic Drugs

January 1, 1990

Generic drugs account for 80 percent of the pharmaceuticals prescribed to Americans. Why they’re cheaper and who’s responsible when something goes wrong.

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