Supreme Court

July 2, 2001

A conversation about the most significant cases considered in the U.S. Supreme Court's last term.

Popular Opinion on the Death Penalty

May 16, 2001

Recent polls show many Americans who don't support the death penalty nevertheless believe Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh should be put to death for his crimes. A panel talks about shifting views on the death penalty in the U.S.

Public Executions

May 3, 2001

This week, several public radio stations aired a special featuring tape recordings from a Georgia execution chamber. Later this month, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh will be executed, and survivors and relatives of his victims will...

Federal Judgeships

May 2, 2001

For years, Republican members of Congress stymied President Clinton's attempts to appoint federal judges. Today some GOP representatives want to change the procedure for appointing judges so that Democrats can't return the favor. A panel...

Court Appointments

March 26, 2001

President Bush last week ended the American Bar Association's decades-long practice of vetting candidates for federal court appointments. A panel talks about the politics and history behind this controversial decision.

Bush v. Gore

February 21, 2001

Last December, the drawn-out presidential election dispute was settled by a Supreme Court decision that may prove to be one of the most controversial ever. E.J. Dionne of the Brookings Institution and Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard...

John Douglas: "The Cases that Haunt Us" (Scribner)

December 12, 2000

John Douglas, an experienced criminal profiler, discusses some of history's most fascinating true-crime stories. In his new book, he describes the investigations into well-known -- and sometimes still unsolved -- cases like the "Jack...

Judicial Impartiality

December 12, 2000

A panel talks about the nuances of judicial decision-making. The discussion will examine just how impartial elected and appointed judges really are.

Future of the Supreme Court

October 30, 2000

The next president will almost certainly have the chance to appoint several Supreme Court justices. A panel of legal experts joins Diane to talk about how the upcoming elections may or may not affect the political make-up of the Supreme...

Racial Profiling

October 17, 2000

Polls show more than half of Americans believe racial profiling takes place during law enforcement actions, and even more disapprove of the practice. Vice President Gore has said it would be his number one civil rights priority. But law...

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