David Iglesias: "In Justice" (Wiley)

June 3, 2008

One of the seven federal prosecutors fired by the Justice Department in 2006 offers his side of the story.

Noah Feldman: "The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State" (Princeton)

April 16, 2008

Why Islamic states thrived for hundreds of years, what led to their downfall, and the some of current challenges of Islamic governments in the modern world.

Nick Smith: "I Was Wrong" (Cambridge)

March 18, 2008

A professor specializing in the philosophy of law, politics, and society reflects on the meanings of private, public, and collective apologies.

Eliot Spitzer

March 13, 2008

The rise and fall of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. A look at his hard-driving investigations as attorney general, his fumbles as governor, and his resignation in disgrace.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA)

March 12, 2008

The Pennsylvania Republican joins us to discuss his book, "Never Give In: Battling Cancer - and Politicians - in the Senate." He also shares his views on the presidential campaign, civility in American politics and the Senate's agenda.

Binka Le Breton: "The Greatest Gift" (Doubleday)

February 26, 2008

In 2005 an American nun was murdered in the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil. For forty years she worked on behalf of the poor, the landless, and the forest. The life and death of Sister Dorothy Stang.

Antonio Skarmeta: "The Dancer and the Thief" (Norton)

February 25, 2008

One of the most widely-read Latin American novelists presents his latest work of fiction. It's a tragicomic tale of love and politics, poetry and dance, hope and despair against post-Pinochet Chile.

George "Woody" Clarke: "Justice and Science" (Rutgers)

February 21, 2008

How DNA evidence became the most important crime-fighting tool since the fingerprint.

New Evidence on JFK Assassination

February 21, 2008

Recently released documents and artifacts related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy raise new questions about his murder. Historians weigh in on unanswered questions about the killing of JFK.

U.S. Conference of Mayors

January 24, 2008

Three mayors discuss this week's meeting in Washington and how they and other mayors are taking on national challenges at the local level - from the mortgage crisis to climate change to immigration.

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