Perspectives On Foreign Policy - Madeleine Albright and Bruce Riedel

April 26, 2012

A look back at America's role on the global stage since World War II and a look forward at how the U.S. can best use its position of power as it navigates conflicts and crises around the world.

Backlash Over Eurozone Austerity Measures

April 25, 2012

The Dutch government falls and Spain slips back into recession. Fallout from German-imposed austerity measures and new concerns over eurozone economies

Friday News Roundup - International

April 20, 2012

As the U.S. and NATO agree to a plan to wind down the war in Afghanistan, photographs surface from 2010 that appear to show American soldiers posing with the remains of dead insurgents; North Korea's new leader makes his first public speech; and India test-launches a powerful new missile that could carry nuclear weapons. Abderrahim Foukara of Al Jazeera, Courtney Kube of N.B.C. and Michael Hirsh of National Journal join guest host Tom Gjelten for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

Spain's Clash With Argentina Over An Oil Company

April 18, 2012

Spain had harsh words for Argentina yesterday over the nationalization of the oil firm YPF. Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner rejected the demands of the Spanish company that held a major stake in YPF for ten billion...

Friday News Roundup - International

April 13, 2012

North Korea attempted to launch a long-range rocket today, but it broke apart soon after take-off; a fragile cease-fire took hold in Syria, where more than 1,000 civilians have been killed in the past nine weeks; U.S. officials signed a compromise agreement that gives Afghan authorities oversight over nighttime raids carried out by American troops. James Kitfield of National Journal, Nadia Bilbassy of MBC-TV and Mark Landler of The New York Times join guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

Pianist and Conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy

Pianist and Conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy

April 10, 2012

Vladimir Ashkenazy is a classical music star who was born in the Stalinist era in the Soviet Union. He moved to London in the 1960s. Ashkenazy is a renowned chamber music performer and six-time Grammy award-winning pianist. He is also a...

Friday News Roundup - International

April 6, 2012

A panel of journalists joins Tom Gjelten for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

Blaine Harden, Shin Dong-Hyuk: "Escape from Camp 14"

April 4, 2012

Shin Dong-Hyuk was born in a political prison camp in North Korea, where he was starved, tortured and forced to watch the execution of his mother and brother. Veteran journalist Blaine Harden tells the story of how Shin survived - and finally escaped.

Apple and Working Conditions in Overseas Factories

Apple and Working Conditions in Overseas Factories

April 2, 2012

Apple announced efforts to improve working conditions in their Chinese factories. Guest host Tom Gjelten and a panel of experts look at overseas employee rights and U.S. consumers.

Friday News Roundup - International

March 30, 2012

Syria accepted a U.N. peace plan but violence persisted in the country as President Assad visited Homs; the U.S. suspended food aid to North Korea over Pyongyang's plan to launch a long-range missile; and the Pope ended his historic trip to Cuba with a call for greater freedom there. Nancy Youssef of McClatchy Newspapers, Mark Mardell of the BBC and Indira Lakshmanan of Bloomberg News.

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