Betty Rollin: "First, You Cry" (Harper Collins)

October 17, 2000

When journalist Betty Rollin published her memoir 25 years ago, she became one of the first women ever to talk publicly about her experience of having breast cancer. She joins Diane to discuss how both treatment and awareness of breast...

Teaching Hospitals

October 5, 2000

A panel talks about the decline in applications to medical school, how medical education is changing, and the challenges facing the country's newest doctors in hospitals, clinics, and in private practice.

Drug Marketing

September 25, 2000

A panel talks about changes in how drugs are marketed, from direct-to-consumer ads to patient education and support groups funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Hepatitis C

September 7, 2000

Hepatitis C has been called America's "shadow epidemic." It's an incurable virus that can cause serious liver damage and even early death without causing any outward symptoms. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher talks about...

Skin Cancer

August 29, 2000

The recent news that Senator John McCain underwent surgery to remove two melanomas focused attention on the dangers of skin cancer. Guest host Kathy Merritt talks with medical experts about the different kinds of skin cancer, and about the...

Anne Hunsaker Hawkins: "A Small, Good Thing" (W.W. Norton)

August 23, 2000

Anne Hunsaker Hawkins talks with NPR's Melinda Penkava about the lives of children with HIV and the people who care for them. Her new book offers detailed portraits of their struggles and triumphs.

West Nile Virus

August 16, 2000

A panel talks about the emergence of potentially lethal West Nile virus in this country, how it's being fought, and the scale of the threat it poses to public health.

Sam Horn: "ConZentrate" (St. Martin's Press)

August 10, 2000

We can all relate to the condition of feeling distracted, frazzled, overworked and just plain stressed-out ... Sam Horn, president of Action Seminars, has advice on how to get focused and back on track -- or as she puts it, to...

Diabetes Breakthroughs

August 10, 2000

Guest host Steve Roberts talks with three experts on recent breakthroughs in research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes. Much of this research is being conducted under a new international consortium called the Immune Tolerance Network.

"Childhood Cancer Survivors"

July 25, 2000

Today, more than 250,000 people are living proof of the great strides that have been made in the treatment of pediatric cancer. But along with the success stories come physical and mental health problems that may affect survivors...

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