State Strategies For Controlling Medicaid Costs

September 19, 2012

Many states seek to partially implement Medicaid reforms of the Affordable Care Act. Please join us for a conversation on what changes in Medicaid rules could mean for state budgets, the federal deficit and the nation's poor.

New CDC Recommendations For Hepatitis C

September 5, 2012

Baby boomers make up 75 percent of hepatitis C cases in the U.S., but many don’t know they have the potentially deadly virus. How to better identify and treat hep C.

Battling Superbugs In Hospitals

Battling Superbugs In Hospitals

August 28, 2012

A life-threatening infection at the National Institutes of Health last year spread to more than a dozen patients. Guest host Frank Sesno and guests discuss the rise in "superbugs" nationwide and what hospitals are doing to fight these antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Manufacturing And Regulations

August 27, 2012

An industry report says manufacturers are overburdened with rules. But health, safety and environmental watchdogs argue regulations are not strict enough. The role of regulations in the U.S. economy.

Delays In New Food Safety Regulations

August 22, 2012

More than two dozen people have died after eating contaminated cantaloupes. Food safety advocates say outbreaks like these could have been prevented under a new law. Diane and guests explore what’s holding up food safety rules.

Living With Migraine And The Search For New Treatments

Living With Migraine And The Search For New Treatments

August 16, 2012

As scientists learn more about the cause of migraines, doctors and patients have their sights on better medication. Living with migraines and the search for new treatments.

Understanding Paul Ryan's Budget Plan

August 15, 2012

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's budget is now under scrutiny, especially for its changes to Medicare. Diane and guests explore what's in the plan and how it would reshape federal entitlement programs.

 Family Conversations About End-Of-Life Care

Family Conversations About End-Of-Life Care

August 8, 2012

Conversations about death and dying are never easy. Diane and her guests talk about how to begin end-of-life discussions with a loved one. They offer guidance on how to create a plan that can safeguard his or her well-being and provide caregivers with peace of mind.

Mental Health Services Under The Affordable Care Act

July 31, 2012

The deadly Colorado shooting underscores the need to better identify, diagnose and treat people with mental illness. Diane and guests will discuss the future of mental health services under the Affordable Care Act.

Using Prescription Medication For An Academic Edge

Using Prescription Medication For An Academic Edge

July 26, 2012

A growing number of high school and college students are using ADHD drugs to gain an academic edge: Adderall abuse and what's being done to address it.

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