Alicia Mundy: "Dispensing with the Truth" (St. Martin's)

June 4, 2001

Investigative journalist Alicia Mundy discusses her new book about the medical and legal controversies surrounding the diet drug "fen-phen." When it was first introduced, it was hailed as an important new weapon in the fight...

Waterborne Illness

May 30, 2001

Public water supplies are treated to kill any organisms that could make you sick, but waterborne viruses, bacteria and parasites continue to cause illness and even death in the U.S. A panel talks about how giardia, cryptosporidium, E. coli...

Cancer Drugs

May 17, 2001

New cancer drugs are in the headlines: a promising treatment for colon cancer, and a dramatically effective treatment for leukemia. Guest host Susan Page talks with some of the doctors behind the development of these medications, and looks...


May 10, 2001

An anonymous donor gave John Hopkins University Medical Centers $100 million to establish an institute for developing better treatments and a vaccine for malaria, a disease that kills more than a million people each year. A panel explains...

Deborah Roffman: "Sex and Sensibility" (Perseus)

April 30, 2001

Deborah Roffman, a sex education expert known as "The Sex Lady" to her students in the Baltimore- Washington area, talks about what today's parents and kids need to know about a subject that most people are uncomfortable...

Global AIDS Strategy

April 30, 2001

Some health experts believe that prevention should be the highest priority in the worldwide battle against AIDS. Others believe that treatment should be at the top of the list. A panel of experts talks about the latest on the global public...


April 17, 2001

Doctors and public health experts are deeply concerned that overuse of antibiotics is creating "superbugs" - disease-causing organisms that are contagious & highly resistant to treatment. But doctors say it's their patients who...

Nursing Shortage

April 12, 2001

The U.S. experiences a nursing shortage at fairly regular intervals, but many believe the current shortage is an unprecedented crisis. Fewer people are going to nursing school, and nurses are also leaving hospital employment in droves. A...

British Ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer

April 10, 2001

As foot-and-mouth disease and other concerns continue to affect agriculture and the tourist trades in Great Britain, Sir Christopher Meyer, the British ambassador to the U.S., joins Diane to talk about how the crisis is affecting his...

Robert Sapolsky: "A Primate's Memoir" (Scribner)

April 9, 2001

As a child, neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky wanted to be a mountain gorilla when he grew up. In his new book, he tells how that dream led him to spend 20 years in Kenya studying a troop of baboons.

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