Heart Disease Risk Assessment

November 20, 2002

A panel talks about a new way to assess your risk of having a heart attack or stroke that has nothing to do with cholesterol, and why researchers are studying inflammation as an important risk factor.

Vaccine safety

November 13, 2002

American children receive up to 20 vaccines in the first two years of life. Public health benefits are clearly enormous, but there have also been some safety concerns. In this hour we'll talk with several experts about vaccine research and...

Deborah Blum: "Love at Goon Park" (Perseus)

November 4, 2002

In the 1950s & 60s, controversial psychologist Harry Harlow carried out experiments at the University of Wisconsin that changed our understanding of the parent-child bond and how it affects our ability to love. Pulitzer Prize-winning...

Linda Thompson

October 31, 2002

British folk singer Linda Thompson talks about her new CD, "Fashionably Late," (Rounder Records) and the voice disorder she shares with Diane. It's called spasmodic dysphonia.

NIAID Director Dr. Fauci

October 21, 2002

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of NIH's National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases, joins Diane to talk about U.S. preparations for a new era of threats to public health, including smallpox as a biological weapon, malaria, and other...

New Hope After Spinal Cord Injuries

September 25, 2002

Seven years ago, actor Christopher Reeve suffered a devastating spinal injury... today he's making stunning progress in regaining some physical sensation and movement. We'll hear about new thinking on rehabilitation strategies, and the...

Blue Cross Conversions

September 19, 2002

All across the country, Blue Cross member companies are being acquired by private corporations. A panel talks about what the conversion from non-profit to for-profit means to Blue Cross health care plans, health care providers, and...

Drug Resistant Bacteria

September 9, 2002

Ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin and co-author Michael Shnayerson detail the emergence of drug resistant bacteria and the health threat we face as a result, as detailed in their book "The Killers Within" (Little Brown).

Stanley Greenspan: "The Secure Child" (Perseus)

August 23, 2002

Child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan talks about what parents can do to address their children's fears -- from monsters and math tests to terrorism and kidnappings -- and help them grow up feeling safe.

Elizabeth Stone: "A Boy I Once Knew" (Algonquin)

August 20, 2002

In her new book, English teacher Elizabeth Stone talks about reading the diaries bequeathed to her by a former student of hers who died of AIDS.

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