David Shenk: "The Forgetting" (Doubleday)

September 25, 2001

Author David Shenk joins Diane to explore the devastating physical, emotional, and societal costs of this country's growing incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

James Webb: "Lost Soldiers" (Bantam)

September 10, 2001

James Webb, a Vietnam War veteran and former Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretary of Defense, discusses his new novel, which is set in present-day Vietnam. He'll talk about how the events of three decades ago still affect Vietnam...

Ritalin in Schools

September 4, 2001

A panel talks about how schools, teachers, parents and kids are affected by the increasing prevalence of drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in school-age children.

Geraldine Brooks: "Year of Wonders" (Viking)

August 31, 2001

Journalist Geraldine Brooks discusses her first novel. It's based on the true story of the measures taken by the residents of a small 17th-century English town to protect themselves -- and others -- from the plague.

Cortney Davis: "I Knew a Woman" (Random House)

August 27, 2001

Cortney Davis, a nurse practitioner in a busy women's clinic, writes of women's health and women's bodies. She tells stories based on patients she's treated, and shares her own experiences on both sides of a medical examination.


August 22, 2001

After a plumbing problem or a heavy rainstorm, many homes develop molds. Some molds cause allergic reactions - and a few "toxic molds" can cause severe, even life-threatening symptoms. A panel talks about controlling mold in homes...


August 15, 2001

The makers of the antidepressant Prozac have come out with a new version of the drug that can be taken just once a week, but at the same time the patent on the formulation has expired. A panel talks about what Prozac has meant for American...

Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy

July 31, 2001

The American Heart Association recently reversed its position on estrogen hormone replacement therapy, saying there's no evidence that HRT can have a protective effect in women with heart disease. A panel talks about this report, and the...

Living Donors

July 24, 2001

Organ transplants from living donors has been an accepted medical practice for decades. But today, donors and recipients don't necessarily know each other. A panel talks about "stranger donors," and new programs designed to...

Andrew Solomon: "The Noonday Demon (Scribner)

July 12, 2001

For years, writer Andrew Solomon has suffered from debilitating episodes of depression. In a new book, he chronicles not only his own experiences with the illness, but also the history of how different societies around the world have...

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