Preparing for H1N1/Swine Flu

August 6, 2009

The Obama administration is preparing new measures for confronting another swine flu outbreak. Schools and hospitals seek guidance on how best to handle a resurgence this fall. The latest on efforts to address swine flu.

Health Care Legislation Update

August 3, 2009

Lawmakers prepare to head home for their summer recess without passing comprehensive healthcare legislation. The latest on efforts to overhaul the U-S healthcare system and how a month-long delay might affect the debate.

Alex O'Meara: "Chasing Medical Miracles" (Walker & Company)

July 29, 2009

A journalist turns to a clinical trial in hopes of curing his diabetes. A discussion about the risks and benefits of experimental medical treatments.

Daniel Asa Rose: "Larry's Kidney" (William Morrow)

July 23, 2009

More than 85,000 Americans are on the waiting list for a kidney. The true story of one man who traveled to China for a transplant and an update on an eight-way, multiple transplant in the U.S.

The Politics of Health Care

July 22, 2009

President Obama begins a new push to rally the public and Congress behind an overhaul of the U-S health care system. Guest host, Steve Roberts, and his guests look at the growing political debate over restructuring health care and...

Food Safety

July 8, 2009

Recent outbreaks of salmonella and E.coli contamination from eggs, nuts and processed cookie dough prompt the Obama Administration to toughen food safety standards. A look at new regulations aimed at improving the nation's food supply.

Painkiller Safety

July 2, 2009

An update on recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration to restrict acetaminophen and ban the popular painkillers Percocet and Vicodin because of possible risks of overdose and liver damage.

Impact of Climate Change in the U.S.

June 17, 2009

A new White House report finds every region of the U.S. is experiencing disruptions from climate change. A discussion of how climate change may be already be affecting the nation's water, transportation, eco-systems and human health.

Congress and Health Care Reform

June 11, 2009

Congress hopes to pass health care legislation before its summer break. A discussion of the different plans in Congress, the Administration’s position, and what reform might cost taxpayers.

Single Payer Health Care

May 18, 2009

Proponents of a single-payer plan argue it is the best solution for the nation’s health-care system. But chances of such a program making it into law appear remote. How a single-payer plan might work and why it faces an uphill battle...

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