The Dyslexic Brain

February 15, 2012

Dyslexia is a learning disability, but new research suggests there might also be benefits: Challenges and possible advantages of the dyslexic brain.

Objections to Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act

February 13, 2012

The widely praised Violence Against Women Act faces a tough reauthorization battle. Though introduced in a bipartisan way, it passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote with all the Democrats voting to move it to the full...

Religous Liberty, Politics and Women’s Health Care

February 8, 2012

Join us to discuss reactions to the The Susan G. Komen Foundation - Planned Parenthood controversy and the role of politics in women’s health.

Catholics, Contraception and the New Health Care Law

February 2, 2012

Catholic groups are challenging a new federal rule requiring religious-affiliated employers to cover contraception in their health care plans. The clash between church and state over the Affordable Care Act.

Adoptees  using  DNA to find family.

Adoptees using DNA to find family.

January 26, 2012

Adult adoptees are turning to DNA tests and social media to find biological family members and trace their roots: balancing privacy with the need to know.
Adult adoptees looking for their birth parents have often faced significant...

Language, Music and the Brain

January 25, 2012

Learning new skills in adulthood may seem like a daunting task. Over time there is a gradual decline of the brain’s ability to absorb new information. But experts say, with the right tools and a few tricks, we can continue to grasp...

Doctor-Patient Communication in Today's Digital Age

Doctor-Patient Communication in Today's Digital Age

January 24, 2012

Many doctors are reluctant to use email beyond basic administrative tasks. For others it's become an essential tool. Diane and guests look at how some are reinventing doctor-patient communication in today's digital world.

Hendrik Hartog:  "Someday All This Will Be Yours"

Hendrik Hartog: "Someday All This Will Be Yours"

January 19, 2012

We all hope that we will get the care we need through our old age. But these days, Social Security, Medicare, pensions and retirement plans seem less of a sure thing. Economic uncertainty is putting new pressure on adults to take on...

Tackling Alzheimer's Disease

January 18, 2012

The White House wants to develop the first National Alzheimer's Plan: Tackling the medical and social aspects of the illness, which affects more than five million Americans.

Civil Rights in America Today (Rebroadcast)

January 16, 2012

As the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday approaches, Diane and her guests discuss the most pressing civil rights issues in America today. A look at what has been achieved and new challenges ahead.

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