"Patrick O'Connell's Refined American Cuisine" (Bulfinch)

September 22, 2004

The Inn at Little Washington has been selected as one of the top ten restaurants in the world. Its chef celebrates the coming of age of American cooking and connects what he does in his restaurant with what can be done in the home kitchen.

Francine Segan: "The Philosopher's Kitchen" (Random House)

August 17, 2004

As the Olympics are taking place in Greece, we take a look at the foods, daily life, and customs of the ancients.

Organic Labeling

October 24, 2002

This week, new government regulations of organic foods went into effect, and new labels are appearing on supermarket shelves. We'll learn more about how the new standards were developed, and how they'll affect farmers, marketers, and...

Burt Wolf: "The New Cook's Catalogue" (Knopf)

December 15, 2000

Twenty-five years ago, food-loving journalist Burt Wolf produced The Cook's Catalogue, which has been guiding amateur and professional chefs on the purchase of cooking equipment ever since. He presents his revised and updated edition and...

Michael Ruhlman: "The Soul of a Chef" (Viking)

July 11, 2000

Master chef and author Michael Ruhlman offers a detailed look into the highly competitive world of professional cooking and includes his thoughts on how, why, and when cooking rises to the level of art.

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