President Obama in China

November 17, 2009

Trade, climate change, human rights, nuclear weapons and U.S. debt: President Obama meets with the leader of the world's fastest growing economy, China, seeking common ground on critical issues. The Diane Rehm Show, Tuesday.

Credit Rating Agencies and the Financial Crisis

October 1, 2009

Congress turns up the heat on the nation's credit rating agencies. A House committee investigates how inaccurate credit ratings contributed to last year's financial meltdown and whether new regulations are needed.

New Regulations for the Financial Sector

September 15, 2009

One year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, President Obama tries to build momentum for a rewrite of U.S. financial regulations: Analysis of the fundamental changes supported by the administration, the role of the Federal Reserve and...

Wall Street settlement

May 1, 2003

Ten Wall Street firms settled government charges of wide spread investor abuse this week. The agreement calls for a $1.4 billion payment and industry reforms. A panel discusses the implications of the agreement for individual investors and...

Accounting Standards

February 7, 2002

The collapse of Enron -- and the role of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm in the debacle -- have focused new attention on the accounting industry and its practices. Diane and her guests look at accounting industry reforms being proposed...

Budget Surplus

August 23, 2001

The White House and the Congressional Budget Office are set to release updated budget surplus projections, and most expect the surplus to have all but vanished. A panel talk about the economic and political issues raised by the latest...

Strong Dollar

July 23, 2001

The value of the dollar has remained high against the euro and the yen, despite other declining economic indicators. A panel talks about who benefits and who suffers when the value of the dollar is high, and what if anything can or should...

Robert Manning: "Credit Card Nation" (Basic Books)

January 23, 2001

Many Americans have benefited from the economic boom of recent years - but if predictions of a recession are true, the landing will be especially rough for those of us who have accumulated credit card debt. In a new book, economic...

Nancy Lloyd: "Simple Money Solutions" (Times Books)

February 7, 2000

NPR's personal finance commentator, Nancy Lloyd, discusses her new guide for people who are confused, overwhelmed, and just not sure how to get control of their finances. Sound like anyone you know?

Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.: "It's About the Money!" (Times Books)

January 28, 2000

Although the economic boom continues with no end in sight, millions of Americans have yet to see the benefits for themselves. A new book by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Illinois) offers tips on managing...

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