Larry King: "Moon Over Manhattan" (New Millennium Press)

May 19, 2003

Larry King and Thomas Cook's latest book is a valentine to the city they love. King joins Diane to talk about this tale involving a self-centered, liberal-leaning talk show host, his spoiled daughter who wants to go to film school, and a...

Robert Stone: "Bay of Souls" (Houghton Mifflin)

May 7, 2003

Best-selling novelist Robert Stone presents his latest work, the story of a Midwestern college professor whose affair with a colleague leads him into an exotic Caribbean world of smuggling, corruption, and voodoo.

Jane Smiley: "Good Faith" (Knopf)

May 5, 2003

Big time greed comes to a small East Coast town in Jane Smiley's twelfth novel, set in the heady world of real estate development in the 1980s. Diane talks with the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist about a decent real estate agent seduced...

Readers' Review: Dai Sijie's "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress"

April 16, 2003

Diane and her guests talk about the magic of reading and the wonder of romantic awakening as explored in Dai Sijie's story. Set in China during the Cultural Revolution, Sijie's tale follows two city boys exiled to a remote mountain village...

Rita Mae Brown: "The Tail of the Tip-Off" (Bantam)

April 10, 2003

Rita Mae Brown's co-author on her bestselling series of "Mrs. Murphy" mysteries is her cat Sneaky Pie Brown, but that's appropriate as Mrs. Murphy is also a cat. Rita Mae Brown presents her latest novel starring a feline detective.

Pete Hamill: "Forever" (Little Brown)

January 31, 2003

New York journalist and author Pete Hamill's latest novel is about an Irish immigrant magically granted eternal life... but only if he stays on the island of Manhattan. Hamill talks with Diane about the city's 250-year history.

Stephen Carter: "The Emperor of Ocean Park" (Knopf)

June 19, 2002

Yale law professor Stephen Carter is known for his writings on race and religion, but he's also a novelist. His first work of fiction is a thriller about a man investigating the mysterious death of his father, a powerful judge.

Readers' Review: Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" (Atlantic Monthly Press)

January 18, 2002

The January Readers' Review panel discusses Margaret Atwood's 1986 novel, whose tale of a woman struggling to take control of her life in a futuristic totalitarian state parallels stories from current news headlines.

Michael Blake: "The Holy Road" (Villard)

October 10, 2001

The author of Dances With Wolves joins Susan Page to talk about the just-released sequel to that novel.

Ariel Dorfman: "Blake's Therapy" (Seven Stories Press)

May 7, 2001

Chilean expatriate and acclaimed writer Ariel Dorfman talks with Diane about his latest work of fiction. It's the story of a man who seeks therapy after his company is downsized, touching off a personal journey that forces him to deal with...

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