Richard McCann: "Mother of Sorrows" (Pantheon)

May 31, 2005

Ten interwoven stories about growing up in the suburbs. They're stories of discovery, loss and the relationship between a son and his complicated mother.

Peter Pouncey: "Rules for Old Men Waiting" (Random House)

April 19, 2005

A dying 80-year-old man decides he's going to do his best to stay in control of his last remaining days. First-time novelist Peter Pouncey joins Diane to talk about the inspiration for his story and its exploration of love, loss, memory...

Andrea Levy: "Small Island" (Picador)

April 8, 2005

Andrea Levy talks about drawing from her family's Jamaican-British heritage in her fiction. Her latest novel won two prestigious literary awards in England: the Orange Prize and the Whitbread Book of the Year.

Elizabeth Berg: "The Year of Pleasures" (Random House)

April 6, 2005

She's written fourteen novels dealing with different aspects of being a woman. Her latest is about a middle aged woman learning to live and love again after her husband dies. Elizabeth Berg talks with Diane about the unique relationship...

Ian McEwan: "Saturday" (Doubleday)

March 31, 2005

The best-selling author's latest novel takes a look at 24 hours in the life of a successful British neurosurgeon on the eve of the Iraq war.

Marilynne Robinson: "Gilead" (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

March 11, 2005

Twenty-four years have passed since her first critically acclaimed novel. Marilynne Robinson presents her long-awaited second novel about an aging minister reflecting on his abolitionist ancestors, spirituality, and the mysteries of life.

Mary Gordon: "Pearl" (Pantheon)

March 2, 2005

Mary Gordon's latest novel centers on a family crisis - a woman learns her college-age daughter is carrying out a hunger strike in Dublin. The author discusses the novel's themes - from politics in the 60s and today, to religion...

Mary Doria Russell: "A Thread of Grace" (Random House)

February 15, 2005

In northwest Italy, peasants, priests, and native Italian Jews conspired to save the lives of 43,000 Jews during the final phase of World War II. Mary Doria Russell presents a meticulously researched novel based on the true story of the...

Rita Mae Brown: "Cat's Eyewitness" (Bantam)

February 3, 2005

Author Rita Mae Brown talks about her unique writing partnership with her cat, Sneaky Pie Brown. They've teamed up again for a tale of the miraculous and the murderous, the thirteenth novel in the Mrs. Murphy mystery series.

Susanna Clarke: "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" (Bloomsbury) (Rebroadcast)

December 24, 2004

A former cookbook editor presents her first novel, which was ten years in the making. It's the story of two men in the early nineteenth century, trying to restore magic as an everyday part of life in England.

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